WordPress Wednesday – The Best Plugins & Themes from November 2015

Ok it’s the first Wednesday in the last month of 2015 but it’s once again time for us to see what were some of the best free and paid for (premium) plugins and themes that you could find though the whole month of November about WordPress.

For today’s WordPress Wednesday round up you will see what were some of the best plugins and themes that people have used to either build up or refresh an already existing WordPress site(s)

In this month’s plugins roundup you will find 5 free and 5 premium plugins that does things such as block those undesirables bots that appear in your referral reports from Google Analytics, a contact form plugin especially for Visual Composer to one great fast accordion slider plugin, a plugin for people who wants a custom login, to a new all in one SEO plugin that shows a in depth report of your SEO issues and many more other awesome plugins right below.

and over on the theme side are some of the best themes from November such as a theme that been designed especially people who want to sell items, to a theme that been designed soley for hairdresser, make-up, stylist, spa to a multipurpose theme plus many more great WordPress themes.

Plugins – Free & Premium

1. YITH WooCommerce Subscription – Free


YITH WooCommerce Subscription allows you to make your products be accessible by your users as subscriptions, so make them accessible for a scheduled time (months or days) in exchange for a monthly or daily fee. Create, then, your subscriptions for reviews, videos, learning courses, podcasts, hosting and whatever you might wish to offer to your customers in instalments. This will ensure you constant and scheduled income to your site and much more control on your sales volume.

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WordPress Wednesday – 8 Best Testimonial Plugins

Testimonials are a key part of selling customers on your product or service and the more successful you are. but sometimes updating your site to manually add new testimonials can sometimes be a pain and when you’re trying to get a new project off the ground, who really wants to figure out the perfect way that why for this weeks WordPress Wednesday you will see that we’ve have a round of 8 best plugins both free and paid that will help you manage testimonials.

1. Easy Testimonials – Free


The Easy Testimonials plugin is an easy-to-use plugin that allows users to add testimonials into the sidebar, or as a widget, or even embedding them into a Page or Post using the shortcode. The Easy Testimonials plugin also allows you to insert a list of all Testimonials or output a Random Testimonial. Easy Testimonials allows you to include an image with each testimonial – this is a great feature for adding a photo of the testimonial author.

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WordPress Wednesday – The Best Plugins & Themes from February 2015

It’s the first Wednesday of the new month and you know what time it is, It’s time for us once again to see what were some of the best free and paid for plugins and themes that you could find though the whole month of February.

Below for today’s WordPress Wednesday round up you will see what were some of the best plugins and themes that people have used to either build up or refresh an already existing WordPress site for either ourselves or for a client.

In this month’s plugins roundup you will find 10 free and premium plugins that does things a requirement checklist that allows certains that needs to do before publishing a post, a powerful google map plugin, a plugin for developers that wanting to create an advanced theme specific options inside the default WordPress customizer, a plugin that gives you a simple way to install google analytics, an add on plugin for Visual Composer that allows you to use the Easy Digital Downloads inside Visual Composer to a WooCommerce warranty and return system plugin and other great ones right below.

and the second part of this roundup are the themes, the themes roundup you will find are 6 of the best themes that really suits any occasion such as themes that gives you a user friendly, modern and responsive theme, a couple of WooCommerce based themes for those who are selling stuff to theme for Bands, bloggers, people who wanting a multipurpose theme to create something a bit awesome plus many more great themes that you will also find below.

Plugins – Free & Premium

1. Post Type Requirements Checklist – Free


Post Type Requirements Checklist allows admins to require content to be entered before a page/post can be published. Currently this plugin supports requirements for the following areas on the add/edit screen, title WYSIWYG editor, featured image, excerpt, categories (allows for minimum required number of categories, up to 3), tags (allows for minimum required number of tags, up to 5), up to 5 custom taxonomies per post type (allows for minimum required number of categories/tags, as detailed above).

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WordPress Wednesday – 8 of the Best Free & Premium Slider Plugins

Slider has always been a highly requested feature on many WordPress as these sliders allows you to showcase either posts or products together in one area that you wish to draw attention to.

You will see there are a number of ways to achieve this with different effects and a lot of WordPress themes has already have a slider option built in. But one of the best ways to handle a slider in your theme is to use a plugin for the job as this will ensure you that you won’t lose and of your slider content when you are wanting to change the theme.

So for this weeks WordPress Wednesday roundup you will see below that I’ve have chosen 8 of the best free & premium that you can choose from for your own site.

1. Slide Deck 2 – Free


SlideDeck 2 for WordPress is a responsive slider plugin that lets you easily create content sliders out of almost any content. Connect to a variety of Content Sources like YouTube, Flickr, WordPress posts and Pinterest to create gorgeous, dynamic sliders in a few clicks you don’t need to know any coding either.

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WordPress Wednesday – 10 New & Awesome WooCommerce Plugins

As we all know that WooCommerce is a great eCommerce platform to start with and since it’s built on top of WordPress you will find that there are literally hundreds of extra plugins that are available to make your WooCommerce store even better.

So for this week WordPress Wednesday post you will find some of the newest & awesome WooCommerce plugins that you can find around, most of these plugins will allow you to improve your all aspect of WooCommerce and some only parts of your store to maximize your sales.

1. OlalaWeb – WooCommerce Category Prices – Free


This plugin allows you to display your products’ prices on WooCommerce Category Archive pages, this plugin also works with Regular price, Sale prices and lowest to highest price and also includes Schema.org formated micro data.

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WordPress Wednesday – 6 of the Newest Plugin from the WP Plugin Directory

Let’s slowly get back into things for the first WordPress Wednesday round up post for 2015, and this round up I will be showing you what are some of the latest free WordPress plugins that you can find on the official WordPress plugin directory, the plugins below featuring on this week WordPress Wednesday do things like adding a simply task and todo list directly on your site, a plugin that helps integrate SMTP into your WordPress installation, a plugin that adds Google Analytics into everywhere inside your dashboard plus many other great new plugins that been released so far.

1. Facebook API


The Facebook API is a facebook share plugin. You can easily use facebook like box, website comment, share, send button, embedded post and more feature use, the major features of this facebook api plugin include: Facebook Like Bo,x Facebook Embedded Post, Facebook Website Comments, Facebook Facepile, Facebook Follow Button

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WordPress Wednesday – 6 Best Plugins to Prevent Brute Force Attacks

WordPress is now powering more than 40% of online presence, as it’s became a popular piece of software for us to use it’s also became popular for hackers and data snoopers who are on the hunt for vulnerabilities inside WordPress.

One of the most common ways of hacking & bringing WordPress site down is through brute force attacks, this is where a bot tries to hack into the WordPress admin area by trying out multiple combinations of usernames & passwords until the bots successful.

As brute force attacks has become a widespread problem and unfortunately websites that is powered by WordPress are one of most common targets, but luckily there are a few plugins that you can install on your WordPress websites to secure against such attacks so for this weeks WordPress Wednesday feature you will find below 6 best brute force plugins that could help you and your site out.

1. WordFence Security – Free


Wordfence Security plugin is a free enterprise class security and performance plugin that makes your site up to 50 times faster + more secure as Wordfence provides a real-time security to the WordPress websites as it scans the source code of your site by comparing it to the official WordPress repository core, themes and plugins. It provides you real-time information about your visitors and attackers.

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