31 of The Best Websites That Been Made In July 2014

It’s only few days into the new month of August, but for this roundup we will just need to step back in time to the month of July to take a look at what were some of the best websites that been made through-out that month.

Whether you are a designer, an agency or a developer in the web industry it’s great to see what others in the industry have been creating through-out out the month, the following sites in this roundup are just a examples of a few awesome sites to show you some great examples of good use of images, type, texture, navigation, today’s must haves in sites and much more.

I am hoping that these are just some great and interesting source of inspiration that could help you build your next awesome website.

1. Long Story Short Design


2. Schiphol Destination Unknown


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Showcase of the Best 20 Websites from May 2013

It’s been a busy month for the web industry as see hundreds of designs and today’s post we will have a look at 20 of the best websites that been built during the month of may. Within this collection you will see many of these website using the current web design trends of 2013 such as flat web design, responsive web design layouts, fixed header bars and large photos background.

1. Tivix


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15 New & Inspiring Examples of Flat Web Designs

Trends in web design are always changing through out the times and recently there has been a pull towards using a lighter simplistic designs. Flat Web Design is a minimalistic approach where less images are used and where large surfaces have been met by filling them with a single but often strong colour.

Going back to a more simplistic design makes sense in a time where websites needs to look great on every and any device. Flat web design works wonders as it is easier to implement for responsive layouts. So in today’s post you’ll find 15 New & Inspiring examples of flat web designs that hopefully will help you get some inspiration for designing awesome websites.

1. Invoisse


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16 Brilliant Examples of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is something a lot of people in the web industry talk about and considering that the importance of responsiveness and all the buzz around it, it’s impressive the amount of websites that are still not responsive. By now, with the amazing growth of mobile usage, every single website should be responsive to be able to attend to every user’s “screen size” as they are consuming content differently everyday.

So for Today’s post I’ve gathered 16 examples of brilliant responsive websites .

1. OC Sport


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52 of The Best Web Designs From 2012

Some of the best and brightest trends we’ve seen this year (2012) in web design include responsive web design, single page, the spread of custom fonts and bigger usage of HTML5 & CSS3. Every site is different, but most websites out live on the web are well built and are beginning to share a number of these features of cutting edge web design.

Below in no particular order are my personal picks of 52 most outstanding website design from this year (2012) that standout from the rest.

1. Circles


2. Aylis


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30 Most Outstanding Web Designs from October 2012

It’s been a busy month for the web industry as see hundreds of designs and today’s post we’ll have a look at some  the 30 Most standing websites from October 2012 that standout from the rest for their original design concept to the quality of the production and the use of popular web trends.

1. Wee Society

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20 Most Inspiring Web Designs From May 2012

Today’s post we’ll have a look at some websites that been produced throughout the month of May. Today’s collection is comprised of websites that been well built and that offers many styles such as bright and colourful, artistic, simple to suit any taste.

1. Modjool

2. Onside Sports Agency

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