15 More Awesome Bootstrap Resources That You Will Love

A few weeks ago I’ve posted 18 Awesome Resources From GitHub That Complement Twitter Bootstrap and since then I’ve been carefully searching around the web to see what else I can find to extent twitter bootstrap as it have grown into one of the most popular frameworks for designs and developers as it aims to make web development easier and faster.

And as growing number of designers and developers are working with Bootstrap as there are a lot of benefits in using a framework like Bootstrap, most of it is focusing on increasing the efficiency in building modern and responsive websites. No matter if you have been a veteran bootstrap user or one of those people who are interested in giving bootstrap a shot there are a huge number of resources that can help you with the design & development aspect of bootstrap and today’s post we are focusing showing you 15 awesome resources that you will love.

1. AngularJS directives for Twitter Bootstrap

AngularJS directives for Twitter Bootstrap

This repository contains a set of native AngularJS directives based on Twitter Bootstrap’s markup and CSS. As a result no dependency on jQuery or Bootstrap’s JavaScript is required. The only required dependencies are AngularJS & Bootstrap

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WordPress Wednesday – 12 Brand New & Useful WordPress Plugins

WordPress is certainly one of the most feature best rich and user-friendly publishing platforms available today as it is because of the openness, extensibility and the widely open source community,but at the same time we want to improve our site overall and make it even stronger so for today’s WordPress Wednesday post features 12 brand new and free plugins to help make your site stronger and more powerful from knowing what your klout score is, or creating quizzes inside your wordpress site,displaying the weather, allowing the front end users your themes inside your theme folder, hosting your wordpress media uploads on AWS and more great plugins below.

1. Klout Social Profile Widget

Klout Social Profile Widget

Klout Social Profile Widget will displays your Klout score together with you social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) on your WordPress Sidebar

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18 Awesome Resources From GitHub That Complement Twitter Bootstrap

Since the initial released of Twitter’s Bootstrap it has been taken by the web development world as it is a very useful framework that keeps growing in popularity as you have one small package that features such an extensive library of components that are used everyday by web designers and web developers.

Today’s I have put together an awesome collection of the best Bootstrap resources you can find on GitHub

1. Fuel UX


Fuel UX extends Twitter Bootstrap with additional lightweight JavaScript controls. Other benefits include easy installation into web projects, integrated scripts for customizing Bootstrap and Fuel UX, simple updates, and solid optimization for deployment. All functionality is covered by live documentation and unit tests.

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WordPress Wednesday – 8 Premium Themes That Use Twitter Bootstrap Framework

Twiiter Bootstrap is becoming more and more popular with designers and developers as it is a base to start building new responsive websites especially WordPress themes as they are optimised to look stunning on desktop and mobile devices which is great for those who are searching for a theme that takes account of the rapidly growth of mobile visitors.

If you are searching for a theme that is using Twitter Bootstrap for your WordPress website today’s WordPress Wednesday post is just right for you as below you will see 8 new  premium WordPress Themes that used Twitter Bootstrap as their framework foundation.

1. Touch – $40


Touch Twitter Bootstrap – Responsive WP Theme. Unlimited combinations on any page. Very powerful theme which suits both, creative and business users with no programming background, as well as advanced developers. The Theme is built on top of the great Themeple Framework.

It comes with a hundreds of options so you can modify, styling, colors, layout and fonts directly from within the Theme Options. Build your own skin and pages right out from your Page Builder and Theme Options. Font, background and color options as well as the dynamic template builder will help you create the Website you need in no time.

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15 Awesome jQuery Plugins for Web Designers & Developers

jQuery plugins are a very useful for web designers and developers as they can save a lot of time when producing any web or mobile app projects and as the jQuery community is fantastic and we seen that they are consistently releasing a number of highest quality jQuery plugins.

So for today’s post you will find 15 Awesome jQuery Plugins for all you web designers and web developers.

1. Bootstro.js


Bootstro-js is a tiny JS library taking advantage of bootstrap’s popover to help guide your users around.

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WordPress Wednesday – 10 Best & Free WordPress Plugins from February 2013

Here’s once again is another monthly roundup of the very best free WordPress Plugins that have been released in February 2012. It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish on your WordPress site, there is probably a WordPress plugin that will allow you to do it such as a ‘advanced’ search form, improving SEO for images, help managing appointments and bookings, enhance your website by adding images from instagram, facebook, dribbble to name a few . I’ve also include a WordPress Plugin that help you boost your social SEO another one plugin that help you create a landing pages and plenty other WordPress plugins below.

Today’s WordPress Wednesday you’ll find the top 10 Best & Free WordPress Plugins from February 2013

1. Facetious


Facetious lets you add a faceted – often called an ‘advanced’ – search form to your WordPress website. It comes with a ready-to-use sidebar widget, plus a number of implementation options for developers.

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45 New Handpicked Goodies For Web Developers & Designers For Feburary 2013

As web developers and web designers, we constantly looking at the sheer amount of new resources, tools and applications that we can tap into increases exponentially with time.

And here is just a quick look at some recently created resources that deserve your attention — everything from some great JavaScript & jQuery Plugins that help with quickly mocking a design using minimal HTML markup, helping you check your spelling,  a JavaScript audio library. To some awesome web, desktop and mobile applications that helps with retaining relationships with your clients, hosting your email when Google apps isn’t enough for you, keeping track of your time and focusing on the task your have to do today.

But that is just half of it I’ve also included some great frameworks both responsive and non responsive, a  high velocity web framework for Java and Scala , premium and free WordPress plugins that help you build your own mobile site, rename your uploaded files on the fly, modifying the WordPress dashboard with a new skin to some great premium WordPress themes and last but not least some great free design files

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