Freebie Thursday 27th of December – Social Media Tabs

A unique, colourful and funky set of social media “tabs” to adorn the sidebar of your next design. Do something a little different to promote your social media presence with these vertical design elements – provided both as a PSD and coded in CSS, for a range of different social networks!

Download from Pixels Daily

Freebie Thursday 22nd of November – 5 Premium Facebook Cover Photos

These Freebies are perfectly fits to the designers, photographers, businessmen, and others. They all are high quality and easy edited. You can change the fonts, images and colors.

If you want more cover photos you can check out other our stunning Facebook timeline covers. All these covers are designed for personal use only. Feel free to download our facebook covers.

Download from Crazy Pixels

Freebie Tuesday 11th of September – Polygon Social Icons


This set contains the following social network icons:

  • Dribbble
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Forrst
  • GitHub
  • GooglePlus
  • LastFm
  • Linkedin
  • RSS
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube

Download from Luis Zuno


12 Fantastic & New jQuery Plugins

It’s been six years (2006) since jQuery was released and it is still maintaining the top position as the best JavaScript library due to its simplicity.

There are beyond thousands of great jQuery plugins already available on the web which cover a wide range of functionality such as ajax helpers, web services, data-grids, dynamic lists, drag and drop, events, cookie handling, modal windows etc. And in order to stay ahead today’s post features 12 Fantastic & New jQuery Plugins.

1. Tablecloth.js

Tablecloth.js is a jQuery plugin that helps you easily style HTML tables along with some simple customizations.

We’ve all been there. Either you’re redesigning a large site or working on a completely new one… styling tables is typically tedious and time-consuming. If you’d rather spend your valuable time making the other elements of your site pretty, use tablecloth to do the heavy lifting

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Freebie Thursday 20th of October – Facebook Fan Page GUI PSD

Hike is happy to announce an end of the drought and will be offering you a super clean Facebook Fan Page GUI PSD. Yes, that’s right! A fully layered, nicely ordered, completely vector based*, up-to-date, pixel-perfect, time saving, free to use, rocket launching graphical user interface of Facebook’s like pages.

Download from Hike

Everything You Need to Know About Social Networks

Infographic – Everything You Need to Know About Social Networks

Everything You Need To Know About Social Networks
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