WordPress Wednesday – 10 Awesome & New Plugins Released on WordPress.org

Staying up to date with the latest WordPress core is a must but this rule can also applies when we are talking about plugins. Considering the large number of new plugins that are launched on a daily basis on the official WordPress plugin directory.

Every month, i try and go through the directory to find what are latest plugins that been released to show you guys as these developers should get recognition of the plugins their spent time creating & developing them for us to use on our WordPress powered site to give it an edge that you won’t normally see in another WordPress site.

So this weeks WordPress Wednesday roundup you will find 10 Awesome & New WordPress Plugins, so lets start….

1. Advance Search for WooCommerce


Advance Search for WooCommerce plugin allows you to add an advanced search option for WooCommerce Products. With this, you can search products by product tag and category or  you can apply filter searcher like Title, order by date, price category and search order by ascending, Descending.

You can customise search as per your requirement like enable and disable product category and tag. you can view searcher option by preview option. you can integrated searcher option in your site using a short-code on a page, as the widget in a sidebar or as template tag in a template.

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WordPress Wednesday – 10 Alternative Page Builders Plugins to Visual Composer

When one talks about Pages Builders, Visual Composer seems to be the first one on people mind. but love them or hate them, these page builders are here to stay as it allow anyone to build a professional looking design using a user-friendly interface. Plus it helps the experience coders a way to create pages quickly.

Like the name suggests, you can build pages using a drag and drop feature. And since drag and drop page builders are WordPress plugins, they can be used with any WordPress theme .

So today’s WordPress Wednesday showing you 10 Alternative page builders from Visual Composer you can use and most of these plugins are 100% free to use also please note that this roundup isn’t a plugin review, it just here to showcase that their is always an alternative plugin to the most popular plugins.

1. Page Builder Sandwich – Free


Page Builder Sandwich is a free live front-end drag and drop page builder, that is unique from the rest. The developers have revolutionised things, and now you can build your site just the way how your visitors would see it, and not just from a visual representation of it. Now you just have to click on your content and start typing to edit anything.

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WordPress Wednesday – 15 Latest Free Plugins To Extend WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a fantastic plugin for WordPress that turns a normal WordPress powered site into an eCommerce giant. As you can nearly do sell any type of products on WooCommerce site and sell them as you please.

So Today’s WordPress Wednesday roundup I’ve handpicked 15 of the newest and free WooCommerce plugins that you can use in your WooCommerce site to enhance it a bit more than what you find out of the WooCommerce box.

1. Up Sell Product Display


Up Sell Products Display For WooCommerce Plugin is a WooCommerce plugin that display your product up sells products using widgets and shortcode.

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WordPress Wednesday – The Best Plugins & Themes from July 2016

Its the first Wednesday of the new month and it’s time to see what were some of the best free and premium plugins and themes that you could find though July.

So for Plugin section of this roundup I’ve collected what I seem to be some of the hottest & newest plugins that been released. The plugins you can find below are hopefully a bunch of useful plugins that can do things like protecting your WordPress site, to market your site to a new page builder tool that is coming up, a great plugin for those who need to restrict the viewing age for certain posts, to a realty plugin to a documentation plugin & a performance plugin.

and over on the theme side you will be able to find nearly any type of theme that you may need such as a simple business themes, multipurpose themes, WooCommerce supported theme and even a child friendly theme that been released during July.

Plugins – Free & Premium

1. ACF: Search – Free


ACF: Search is a WordPress plugin to manage your search capabilities for Advanced Custom Fields. This plug-ins enables you to use the native WordPress search functionality to look through your custom fields as well. Plain simple approach, select the custom fields you want to make able to search and it will be searched.

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WordPress Wednesday – 10 of the Latest Released Plugins from the Directory

When talking about WordPress, staying up to date with the latest things is a must.

This rule applies when talking about WordPress plugins too, considering the large number of new plugins that are launched on a weekly basis and these plugins can always can instantly transforms your site and functionality whether its extending your theme/site or another plugin.

So I’ve for this weeks WordPress Wednesday roundup you will find 10 of the latest released and free WordPress plugins.

All the WordPress plugins that you see in this collection you can find them on the official WordPress Plugin Directory.

1. Social Warfare


Social Warfare helps you get your content shared the way you want it to be shared. Get more shares and drive more traffic now with the best sharing plugin for WordPress!

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WordPress Wednesday – 10 Recently Published WordPress Themes

WordPress is undeniable one of the most preferred platform for many when it comes to maintaining their website & content.

It mainly due to the community being so big, as thousands of designers, developers, writers and users contributing to WordPress every single day.

One of the reasons why it’s so popular is because of it themes, as it allows users to create almost any type of website such as blog, personal, corporate and portfolio site.

This week WordPress Wednesday features a wide selection of wonderful free and recently published themes that range from magazine layouts, business based themes, blogging themes and a few themes eCommerce compatible themes.

1. Travel Diaries


Travel Diaries is a modern, clean and easy to use theme suitable for traveller bloggers and all kind of bloggers. The design is responsive and therefore, each elements are displayed nicely in all kind of devices of various screen sizes. The theme has a custom home page with several features such as subscription form, recent posts, most popular articles, travel guide, featured on section with Call to Action ( button for advertisement, and featured on section with Call to Action button for advertisement. It also has 4 custom widgets. The theme provides feature to write number of countries visited, last trip and next trip. The theme is translation ready.

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WordPress Wednesday – 6 Heatmap Plugins For Tracking Your Visitors

Services like Google Analytics can give you some great data on how many people are visiting your site, how they found it, and what they been up to doing during their visits.

But, if you want to really gain an a deeper insight into how your site and your content is actually being used a great way is to invest your time and get a heatmap.

As a heatmap will show you any clicks that a users make on your site, it’s doesn’t matter if they are clicking links or not. So below in this weeks WordPress Wednesday roundup I’ve collected 10 heatmap plugins for WordPress that help you track your visitors.

Please some plugins that are featuring down may need you to purchase a service plan from the specifc company that has a plugin associated… It’s totally up to you but wouldn’t you like to find out what works and what doesn’t work for your user?

1. HeatMap for WP


This plugin, heatmap provides you with realtime analytics and mouse tracking that helps sites editors understand in seconds which are their best performing contents. heatmap is used to optimise the traffic flow on websites and significantly reduce exit rates.

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