8 FTP Applications For Your Apple Mac

Transferring files to and from computers but particularly transferring files to a  web servers is usually achieved by going through a system called File Transfer Protocol or FTP to be short.

A FTP application needs to connect to a remote server and allow you to perform file operations of copying, moving, editing and deleting with both a local and remote files. There are a huge range of FTP applications for Macs and within this post you 8 FTP applications that you might have heard from through different resources like forums or other blogs etc.

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30 Of The Best Apps For Your Mac

One of the awesome parts of owning a Mac is collecting all the cool apps that you can get to download or buy, just like you do with the iPhone, iPads there is an application for your every need and they exceed your expectations most of the time. Most apps featured in this post are free but some other may force you to purchase them with money.

1. Mozilla Firefox

Nearly each and every computer users have heard about Firefox which is the most used open source web browser having huge amount of extensions and add-ons for all your wants or needs.

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6 Free Coding Editors

Great coding software to help in daily development process can be irreplaceable tool.

Bad software can lower your work efficient stage so badly but good software however can give you a lot of tips, ways to help code faster, find your typing mistakes without a pain.

I crawled around the internet carefully to find 6 free awesome coding editors that will work on Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.

1. Aptana Studio (Linux, Mac OS X & Windows) $FREE

Aptana Studio is a full complete web development environment that combines powerful authoring tools for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with thousands of additional plug-ins created by the community.


  • Unified Editing for Web Apps – world-class HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code completion, reference, and validation at your fingertips.
  • Ajax and JavaScript Libraries – libraries including jQuery, Prototype, YUI, dojo, Ext JS, MooTools, and others.
  • Ruby on Rails, Python and PHP – Add powerful plugins and ready-to-use runtimes for Ruby on Rails, Python and PHP
  • Desktop Ajax – create desktop web applications with our plugin for Adobe AIR.
  • Free, Open Source and Cross Platform – works on Windows, Mac, or Linux, it’s free and it’s open source

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