14 Of The Best HTML5 Tutorials

Even though HTML5 is not fully supported in major browsers, web designers and developers are learning new capabilities that were a pipe dream with previous versions of HTML.

Web pages will now be more semantic with the use of structure specific tags and visual elements like rounded corners are now built-in. So is the ability to create drag and drop interactivity and there are also those who are pushing forward and experimenting with its new features. Today you will find a collection of 14 of the best HTML5 tutorials on the internet.

1. Code a Backwards Compatible, One Page Portfolio with HTML5 and CSS3

This is a run through of the basics of HTML5 and CSS3 while still paying attention to older browsers.

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10 CSS3 Tutorials & Techniques for creating buttons.

Once upon a time when a web design required a nice, functional button it would firstly have to been designed in photoshop then implemented with javascript. Until CSS3 came in and changed everything to be easier and better for us.

Pretty CSS3 Buttons


The object is to create a set of styles that are both cross browser compliant and degrade gracefully for non CSS3 compliant browsers. And creating a button that is scalable means that we can make it a variety of sizes and colours with ease.

Dynamic Buttons using CSS3


The following example demonstrates how to create nice looking, dynamic buttons that are fully scalable using the new CSS3 properties border-radius, box-shadow and RGBa

Roll Your Own Google Buttons


Google has a new focus on webkit-specific properties thanks to their new Chrome browser, which uses a branch of the same rendering engine Safari uses. This has actually allowed them to target the Google homepage to the webkit engine, probably after some sort of browser detection.

Sexy Buttons


Sexy Buttons is a HTML/CSS-based framework for creating beautiful web site buttons. These stylish, attention getting buttons can be used for calls to action wherever user interaction is desired. Compare Sexy Buttons with the standard browser buttons

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