Freebie Thursday – 7th of March – Pinned Paper Note PSD Mockup

Pinned Paper Note PSD Mockup

Today’s freebie is a notepaper PSD mockup pinned to a wooden board. This is one creative way to showcase your photos, design works or information to grab some attention.

The PSD file is fully editable with the main layer in red, “ARTWORK HERE“ is an smart object layer that you can double-click and add your artwork or pre-made design and save to update the notepaper mockup. Included are a few Photoshop instagram-style effects (layers named “photo effect1, 2, 4 & 4″) inside the main smart object layer file, which you can use to apply to your photos. The effects come just handy in case if you want to showcase your photos.   Importantly, the PSD file canvas is 2500 pixels wide in 150dpi. Large enough to showcase big pics!

Download from GraphicsFuel

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