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Many of us these days are using WordPress to make build different kinds of websites rather than using it as a blogging platform, many of us are building websites that are in need of a booking based functionality so for this weeks WordPress Wednesday we will be taking a quick look at only 8 of the best booking based WordPress plugins that you can use, in this weeks post feature I tried and split up and have 4 free plugins and 4 plugins that you will need to spend some cash on to use them.

1. Booking Calendar – Free


The Booking Calendar is a plugin that provides an ultimate booking system for your WordPress site, visitors to your site will be able to check availability and make reservations for specific day(s) or time slots. Your customers can even search available properties or services for the specific dates and pay online for their own bookings. You will receive email notifications and can manage the reservations in the intuitive and powerful booking admin panel. Booking Calendar is built to work out of the box, but you can still freely configure different settings for the best fit to your business workflow processes and customize the form and calendar for a natural fit to your site design.

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It’s time for us once again to have our monthly WordPress Wednesday roundup of what were some of the best free and paid for plugins and themes  that been used throughout whole month of August.

For many of us who are either using WordPress to build up and existing site or building a brand site for either ourselves or a client sometimes see a new plugin or theme but that we like but forget about it and find what were that new item was is sometimes a time consuming task so for the first WordPress Wednesday post of September we will be looking at what were some the best 12 free and premium plugins and themes that been presented to us in the month of August.

For the Plugins roundup you will find 6 plugins both free and premium that does things like giving you an all in one availability calendar and pricing table for those who has either a eal estate and holiday rental websites, a documentation plugin, a responsive youtube playlist player, a WooCommerce plugin that automatically add Tracking Number and Carrier fields and more

and the second part of this roundup are the themes, down below for the themes roundup you will find 6 of the best themes that suits any occasion such as you owns a automotive based business, wanting to sell online with WooCommerce, a clean and professional design theme, a theme to showcase all of your best photographs, drawings, or illustrations and many other great themes for nearly any subject.

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For this week WordPress Wednesday round up we will be looking at 6 best Image Zoom Plugins that can be really useful in enhancing your site and more interactive.

These Image Zoom plugins are great if you using WordPress to sell items such ask electrical appliances, web template that has a lot of features within the image as these plugins can make theme standout from the rest.

1. ZWoom – Free


ZWoom is plugin for those who uses WooCommerce, As this plugin will help your visitors to seamlessly zoom in to the single product image. As generally, when we click on a single product image on the product page, a larger version of that image is normally popped-out in a fancybox/lightbox. The same happens with thumbnail images associated with that product. This is cumbersome as visitors have to flip between the fancybox and the product page to see product images and know details about the product such as price, features, delivery etc.

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WordPress is a platform that can really be used for creating any type of website and not just blogs as many people think and for one group in particular and this group are Photographers as there are so many themes available on the market and especially designed for photo blogs but also you can see some of these themes are a complete photography solutions while some are just lightweight templates that utilises the standard WordPress functions and plugins.

So in this weeks WordPress Wednesday you will see that we featuring 10 Premium & Awesome Photography Themes

1. Noel – $40


Noel is a single page WordPress Theme that comes with sharp lines and elegant design. This theme can be used as personal portfolio, projects showcase or photographer web site. Among other features Noel is completely ajax-driven and includes 17 shortcodes, 4 custom page templates, background changer, site intro and photo gallery that can load images directly from you Flickr, Picasa or Instagram accounts

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In this week WordPress Wednesday roundup features 10 WordPress plugins and 10 WordPress themes from November 2012 inside you will find that there is something for everyone such as plugins  a weather widget that change the colour based on the temp of the city, a easy way to add google fonts without knowing any coding, some beautiful shortcodes, a security plugin to protect your wordpress site, a new SEO plugin, allowing the woocommerce users a plugin to give out gift cards and an awesome form builder  and also below you can find some themes for creative to show off your work, to give your business a better corporate look, one of the best woocommerce theme that been built so far, a theme that leaps into the future of modern websites and other great themes

Plugins – Free & Premium

1. Awesome Weather Widget – Free

Awesome Weather Widget

This awesome plugin allows you to easily add super clean weather widgets to your site. The design is based off the site: and the widget changes colours based on the current temp of the city being deisplayed You can use the built in widget or add it somewhere else with this shortcode: (all settings shown)

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Here’s once again is another roundup of the newest WordPress plugins that you can find right in the plugin directory as we can see if you are running any type of WordPress powered website the endless list of plugins that can provide some new sort of enhanced functionally is the best to give the visitor a better experience on your site.

Today’s is a round of 6 of the Latest Plugins that you can find directly from the WordPress and there is something for everyone such as plugins for generating QR Codes, showing how well a plugin is by showing how many people have downloaded it, allowing you to integrate Vine videos into your site by a widget, page or post and a bootstrap slider.

1. QR Code Generator

QR Code generator by Unitag

QR Code generator WordPress plugin allows you to create custom QR Codes very easily using shortcodes.  You can use one of our ready-to-use templates or design your own on Unitag website. All types of QR Code are available : URL, text, geolocation, SMS, Wi-Fi, vCard, e-mail, calendar or phone.

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Here’s once again is another monthly roundup of the very best free and paid WordPress Plugins & Themes that have been released throughout the month of October 2013.

In this week WordPress Wednesday roundup features 10 WordPress plugins and 10 WordPress themes there is something for everyone such as plugins creating a select responsive navigation, giving your theme some great added options with a theme options framework plugin, a plugin to write recipes cards and having your google maps responsive with a plugin and these are just some of the few plugins you can find below and you also can find some  themes  for the creatives, corporate, people whom want to start selling products through Woocommerce, and some of these themes are responsive, flat design and one pagers

Plugins – Free & Premium

1. Our Team by WooThemes

Our Team by WooThemes

“Our Team by WooThemes” is a clean and easy-to-use team profile management system for WordPress. Load in your team members and display their profiles via a shortcode, widget or template tag on your website.

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