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For this week WordPress Wednesday round up we will be looking at 6 best Image Zoom Plugins that can be really useful in enhancing your site and more interactive.

These Image Zoom plugins are great if you using WordPress to sell items such ask electrical appliances, web template that has a lot of features within the image as these plugins can make theme standout from the rest.

1. ZWoom – Free


ZWoom is plugin for those who uses WooCommerce, As this plugin will help your visitors to seamlessly zoom in to the single product image. As generally, when we click on a single product image on the product page, a larger version of that image is normally popped-out in a fancybox/lightbox. The same happens with thumbnail images associated with that product. This is cumbersome as visitors have to flip between the fancybox and the product page to see product images and know details about the product such as price, features, delivery etc.

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WordPress is a platform that can really be used for creating any type of website and not just blogs as many people think and for one group in particular and this group are Photographers as there are so many themes available on the market and especially designed for photo blogs but also you can see some of these themes are a complete photography solutions while some are just lightweight templates that utilises the standard WordPress functions and plugins.

So in this weeks WordPress Wednesday you will see that we featuring 10 Premium & Awesome Photography Themes

1. Noel – $40


Noel is a single page WordPress Theme that comes with sharp lines and elegant design. This theme can be used as personal portfolio, projects showcase or photographer web site. Among other features Noel is completely ajax-driven and includes 17 shortcodes, 4 custom page templates, background changer, site intro and photo gallery that can load images directly from you Flickr, Picasa or Instagram accounts

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In this week WordPress Wednesday roundup features 10 WordPress plugins and 10 WordPress themes from November 2012 inside you will find that there is something for everyone such as plugins  a weather widget that change the colour based on the temp of the city, a easy way to add google fonts without knowing any coding, some beautiful shortcodes, a security plugin to protect your wordpress site, a new SEO plugin, allowing the woocommerce users a plugin to give out gift cards and an awesome form builder  and also below you can find some themes for creative to show off your work, to give your business a better corporate look, one of the best woocommerce theme that been built so far, a theme that leaps into the future of modern websites and other great themes

Plugins – Free & Premium

1. Awesome Weather Widget – Free

Awesome Weather Widget

This awesome plugin allows you to easily add super clean weather widgets to your site. The design is based off the site: and the widget changes colours based on the current temp of the city being deisplayed You can use the built in widget or add it somewhere else with this shortcode: (all settings shown)

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Here’s once again is another roundup of the newest WordPress plugins that you can find right in the plugin directory as we can see if you are running any type of WordPress powered website the endless list of plugins that can provide some new sort of enhanced functionally is the best to give the visitor a better experience on your site.

Today’s is a round of 6 of the Latest Plugins that you can find directly from the WordPress and there is something for everyone such as plugins for generating QR Codes, showing how well a plugin is by showing how many people have downloaded it, allowing you to integrate Vine videos into your site by a widget, page or post and a bootstrap slider.

1. QR Code Generator

QR Code generator by Unitag

QR Code generator WordPress plugin allows you to create custom QR Codes very easily using shortcodes.  You can use one of our ready-to-use templates or design your own on Unitag website. All types of QR Code are available : URL, text, geolocation, SMS, Wi-Fi, vCard, e-mail, calendar or phone.

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Here’s once again is another monthly roundup of the very best free and paid WordPress Plugins & Themes that have been released throughout the month of October 2013.

In this week WordPress Wednesday roundup features 10 WordPress plugins and 10 WordPress themes there is something for everyone such as plugins creating a select responsive navigation, giving your theme some great added options with a theme options framework plugin, a plugin to write recipes cards and having your google maps responsive with a plugin and these are just some of the few plugins you can find below and you also can find some  themes  for the creatives, corporate, people whom want to start selling products through Woocommerce, and some of these themes are responsive, flat design and one pagers

Plugins – Free & Premium

1. Our Team by WooThemes

Our Team by WooThemes

“Our Team by WooThemes” is a clean and easy-to-use team profile management system for WordPress. Load in your team members and display their profiles via a shortcode, widget or template tag on your website.

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Today’s WordPress Wednesday post is a good one for anyone. As today we see that not every blogger or site owner who use WordPress are a professional designer or a developer and you wanting to refresh your site without breaking the bank by hiring a designer this WordPress Wednesday post will be a great step up in finding a get responsive theme for your site as you will see that many people are viewing the web on different devices other then the desktop so for today’s WordPress Wednesday post I’ve will feature 8 great responsive premium themes .

1. Flag – $40


Flag is well suited to such specialists as designers, photographers, programmers and people who were looking for a replacement for your old design. Airthemes offer you a clean and modern design. Flag. – can be easily configured in accordance with your wishes. Using responsive design, we tried to provide an opportunity for You and Your readers to comfortably work with any device.

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One of the best things about running any type of WordPress site is the endless list of plugins that can provide some new sort of enhanced functionality over the other to improve your site overall experience for the visitor.

Today’s WordPress Wednesday features 8 of the newest WordPress Plugins that you can find directly on the Plugins Directory every type of plugin such as a plugin the automatically create thumbnails for posts,  plugin for your great buddypress, hiding the easy digital downloads, a booking system plugin and more.

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WordPress is certainly one of the most feature best rich and user-friendly publishing platforms available today as it is because of the openness, extensibility and the widely open source community,but at the same time we want to improve our site overall and make it even stronger so for today’s WordPress Wednesday post features 10 new and free plugins to help make it stronger.

1. HC Custom WP-Admin URL

HC Custom WP-Admin URL

With this wordpress plugin you can reduce the possibility of your website been hacked or hijacked as you can change the wp-admin and wp-login.php to any of your choice as this will make it impossible for hackers to access your adminsitration login page.

So for example instead of having and you can have or

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Regardless of what your company website says about your corporation, it is extremely important that the theme of any website shouldn’t be taken lightly. Themes can make or break your company and finding the right theme can help you and your company stand out from the rest.

If your company chooses to build or been built with WordPress, you’re in luck because there as today’s WordPress Wednesday post features the 10 of the newest premium business themes.

1. Vaudora – $45


Vaudora is clean and minimal responsive design built with HTML5 & CSS3 coding and easy to use Shortcodes with loads of features in it. After hard work of our team we have implemented many features in this theme which makes your project easier and better than before and can be used for multipurpose websites such as business, portfolio, blog, personal, designers, charity and much more.

With a responsive design it’s compatible with devices like Tablets, Smartphone’s, iPad, iPhone, and Android Phones too. Try resizing your browsers to see different layout option or watch the site in iPhone using the QR Code in the Screenshot to see perfect responsive design. Vaudora is a very powerful theme with many features easy to edit for users without programming knowledge and for developers too. It empowers you to change any color of elements such as backgrounds, texts, links, menu links, typography etc.

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Membership websites offer the visitor a subscription services such as for newsletters, content delivery or digital products as eBooks.Some offer premium services that are only accessible to paid-up members while others simply deliver content for free to their lists of subscribers.

Building membership websites can be a very complex affair when you do it from scratch but if you are using WordPress software for the foundation of your site, Today’s WordPress Wednesday post is just for you as it features 6 of the best membership plugins that can help you effectively run a membership based website.

1. Membership – $19


The Membership plugin allows you to easily create a membership sites which you will be able to grant limited access to visitors and reserve premium content for paying users.

Membership is extremely user-friendly and well-documented and within an hour you can put your best content (whether it be news, tutorials, videos, ebooks, forums, or online courses) behind a wall and begin charging visitors to access it.

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