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This post extends my last week 40+ New HandPicked Goodies for Designers & Developers for October 2014 Part 1, So basically down below you will find more greatness such as JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, Apps for your Web and Mobile devices and a new extension for those who use Google Chrome Photoshop plus I’ve also included some awesome items in HTML5, frameworks, some guides in email templates, and for most of us who uses WordPress I’ve also added small list of WordPress Themes, Plugins and one WordPress framework to build apps with plus lastly I have added some new iphone templates, icons and fonts.

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins

Clock Picker


ClockPicker is a clock-style timepicker for Bootstrap or jQuery it’s works on all major browsers are supported, including IE 9+. Both desktop and mobile device are supported. It also works great in touch screen device. ClockPicker was designed for Bootstrap in the beginning. So Bootstrap and jQuery is the only dependency(s).

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We all know that WooCommerce has become one of the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress as you can easily transform your WordPress website into full bred online eCommerce store.As it has all the features and functionalities available of free of cost but sometimes you need to buy some extensions or add-ons that provide you extra functionalities to this WordPress plugin, so for this weeks WordPress Wednesday post you will find below 8 new premium WooCommerce plugins that certainly gives your site a bit of extra features and/or functionalities.

1. Bitcoin for WooCommerce – $24


Bitcoin for WooCommerce is a full-fledged payment gateway for WooCommerce that makes it easier for you to accept bitcoin payments on your store. This will give your customers the opportunity to send you bitcoins as payment for their orders. Using this plugin is ridiculous easy, there’s no need to master Bitcoin for you to start receiving bitcoins in your WooCommerce store.  In the background, this plugin will make all the work of ensuring incoming payments are well received. Moreover, it generates a configurable QR Code on the checkout page and even in the e-mail notification to allow any QR code reader to show your bitcoin address and amount to pay to your customers!

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As web designers, web developers and graphic designers we are constantly looking at for those new resources, tools and application that can help us increase our productivity while working on client or personal work and once again it’s time for our monthly roundup, below you will see that I’ve have added some great resources that really deserve your attention, resources such as some great JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, applications for any of your your Desktop, Web & Mobile devices including some great items in HTML5, CSS, Prototyping, mobile development and including some frameworks and for those lovers of WordPress I’ve also included free and premium themes, plugins last but not forgotten i’ve have added some design resources such as icons, UI’s and fonts both free and ones you will need to spend some cash on.

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins


Magneticmediajs is a jQuery based library that will allow you to display media content (images, videos, maps, HTML & more) in a stylish and efficient way for your audience.It was built to run on most modern internet connected devices (iOS, Android, Desktop and other devices) through the use of the latest responsive design, JavaScript & CSS3 techniques with fallbacks for older devices where possible.It will take input from popular platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr or Dailymotion.It also aims at making your integration work easier with a clear API & documentation and displaying options that can be set with simple JavaScript parameters.

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This weeks WordPress Wednesday we will be taking a look at what are some of the newest and freshest plugins that you can find directly through the official WordPress plugin directory for you to play around with to see if any of the following plugins are fit right in your site..

The plugins that are featured in today’s fresh plugin roundup features plugins such as  a plugin that creates a intutive menu builder that is powerful and responsive, to a mailchimp plugin to a plugin that allows you to import all of your posts (including photos, videos and links) from Twitter to your blog,an car rental booking engine, to a plugin that creates a support system easy and to a plugin that’s remindes you to add a featued image to your blog plus other great plugins right below

1. WR Mega Menu


The WR Mega Menu plugin is a powerful, responsive and user-oriented that has an dedicated and intuitive menu builder that gives you a complete control at designing and customising your menu exactly the way you want.

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It’s the first day of october and it’s also Wednesday, you know what time it is, it’s time for us once again to see what were some of the best free and paid for plugins and themes that you could find though the whole month of September.

Below in today’s WordPress Wednesday round up you will see what were some of the best plugins and themes that people have used to either build up or refresh an already WordPress for either ourselves or a client.

In this month’s plugins roundup you will find 8 free and premium plugins that does things like giving your guests a voice by allowing them to post posts, a free responsive image slider, a plugin that allows you to control all of your WordPress plugins to a plugin that gives you a nice responsive countdown or a plugin that “nabs” all related YouTube videos and many other great plugins right below

and in the second part of this roundup are the themes and in the theme roundup you will find 8 themes that really suit any occasion such a multipurpose responsive theme, a theme that is soley designed for bloggers to a CV Card WordPress theme or for those who use WooCommerce we have a few themes that are suitable plus other great themes right below the plugin roundup.

Plugins (Free & Premium)

1. Guest Post Simplified – Free


The Guest Post Simplified Plugin will allow your visitors to submit posts as a guest author without registration. Anyone will be able to submit post and it will be added automatically as a draft as you will need to review it before deciding which posts are approved for publish and which are rejected. Submitted posts will be included with author name, email address, author url, post title, description, categories and keyword tags.

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As web designers, web developers and graphic designers we are constantly looking at for those new resources, tools and application that can help us increase our productivity while working on client or personal work.

Down below is a great round-up of what were some of the recently resources that really been release and deserve your attention — everything from some great JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, Apps for your Desktop, Web & Mobile devices to some awesome items in HTML5, CSS, a free eBook, a responsive web design podcast, mobile development and some frameworks. For those WordPress lovers I’ve also includes some themes and plugins and finally i’ve added a bunch of design files such as icons, brushes, fonts etc and remember to check back with us next week to see our Part 2 of our monthly roundup of HandPicked goodies for us designers & developers

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins



Impulse is a library for building dynamic physics based interactions, with a focus on mobile web, as you can create animations that flow naturally from the user’s movements as rather than animating properties for a set amount of time, impulse takes a start position, end position, and velocity.

As Impulse is small and weighs in at about 9k minified & gziped and also Impulse has no large dependencies so you don’t need jQuery, but it you can still include jQuery as it knows how to work with it. The animations flow smoothly from user interactions. When a user swipes an element, it moves at the velocity of their swipe.

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We all know that WordPress is just awesome and being able to customise your WordPress is just great but however not all of us are coding pros and some WordPress lovers don’t even know what HTML or CSS is. But this shouldn’t stop you from being able to customise your theme.

So for this weeks WordPress Wednesday post we will be taking a look at some Drag & Drop page builders plugins that are made available for users of any level to make changes inside the general layout of any theme.

1. Page Builder by SiteOrigin – Free


With the Page Builder plugin from SiteOrigin page builder is a widget based that brings all the widgets direct from your sidebar into the pages as it help you create unique designs.

It’s has an drag & drop interface that is very intuitive so it won’t take you long to get stuck in and this plugin won’t need to get you to change the theme you’re currently using.

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