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WooCommerce is just plain awesome as it’s lets the average people to turn their regular old WordPress site into a full featured eCommerce website, i probably don’t havve to tell you that WordPress is now definitely one of the best solutions for powering any site and/or online store. Not only does WordPress allow you to manage your any type of content with it’s for a blog or as showcasing your complete business website as a CMS, it’s also a great solution for building an eCommerce sites without the need to learn complex code or use a difficult e-commerce CMS. Especially since WordPress is already so popular, it’s easy to see why it would be the first choice for someone to build an eCommerce site.

So for this WordPress Wednesday roundup you will see some of the latest and probably some of the greatest WooCommerce based plugins (or add-ons if you want to call them that) that you can find today that will help you on your way running your eCommerce site.

1. WooCommerce Shipment Tracking – Free


The free WooCommerce Shipment Tracking is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage easily shipping information concerning your order and that lets your customers be notified about their order shipping. Discover all the features of the plugin and install it in your theme: the result will be extremely satisfying.

Once you’ve installed and activated this plugin along with the WooCommerce plugin you will in your dashboard that a new tab called “Order Tracking” has been added, this is where you are able to configure all plugin settings.

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It’s only the first 11 days of March and you may deciding on building a new theme for a new project or reviving a site or even moving a site on to the WordPress platform then a great way to start is by using a blank starter theme.

So for this weeks post you see a great list of 6 greatest starter themes that you can download and use as the base of your next theme.

1. Underscores


Underscores is a free blank WordPress theme developed by Automattic (creators of WordPress). Underscore comes with  layout templates and it’s responsive layout.

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It’s the first Wednesday of the new month and you know what time it is, It’s time for us once again to see what were some of the best free and paid for plugins and themes that you could find though the whole month of February.

Below for today’s WordPress Wednesday round up you will see what were some of the best plugins and themes that people have used to either build up or refresh an already existing WordPress site for either ourselves or for a client.

In this month’s plugins roundup you will find 10 free and premium plugins that does things a requirement checklist that allows certains that needs to do before publishing a post, a powerful google map plugin, a plugin for developers that wanting to create an advanced theme specific options inside the default WordPress customizer, a plugin that gives you a simple way to install google analytics, an add on plugin for Visual Composer that allows you to use the Easy Digital Downloads inside Visual Composer to a WooCommerce warranty and return system plugin and other great ones right below.

and the second part of this roundup are the themes, the themes roundup you will find are 6 of the best themes that really suits any occasion such as themes that gives you a user friendly, modern and responsive theme, a couple of WooCommerce based themes for those who are selling stuff to theme for Bands, bloggers, people who wanting a multipurpose theme to create something a bit awesome plus many more great themes that you will also find below.

Plugins – Free & Premium

1. Post Type Requirements Checklist – Free


Post Type Requirements Checklist allows admins to require content to be entered before a page/post can be published. Currently this plugin supports requirements for the following areas on the add/edit screen, title WYSIWYG editor, featured image, excerpt, categories (allows for minimum required number of categories, up to 3), tags (allows for minimum required number of tags, up to 5), up to 5 custom taxonomies per post type (allows for minimum required number of categories/tags, as detailed above).

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You’ve already seen that we let your know that you can customise your login system a few weeks ago but you can go into a new step and makeover the complete WordPress Dashboard.

As in this WordPress Wednesday post, we’ll look at some of the free & premium WordPress plugins that will add an custom themes giving your install a fresh look than using those ones you can find already in WordPress and this will help also give the developers who are creating a WordPress powered site for clients and want to simplify the Dashboard for easy use and giving a bit more of a custom site.

1. Rocket Dashboard – Free


Rocket Dashboard delivers a more influential working environment for WordPress through the use of color. Black on white is reserved for the main content window. The left navigation is dark in colour and all the icons has been replaced with scalable vector art through a custom icon font. The WP-Admin bar has also been given a facelift, as it’s now bigger, brighter and much more fun. Just upload this plugin and activate it.

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For this weeks WordPress Wednesday we will be taking a look at what are some of the best and newest themes that you can find directly in the official WordPress theme directory for you to play around with to see if any of the themes are a right fit for your site.

The themes that are in this weeks roundup will suit anyone who is running a blog, a creative site, selling things with WooCommerce, having a discussion based site using BuddyPress, themes that wanting to show your big beautiful photos, to a theme that are for those who run a cafe/restaurants etc.

1. Edda


The first theme today is, Edda, this theme is a child theme of the Saga theme. The theme features a narrower content area and sepia-toned images, Edda takes the elegance of Saga and gives it a new tone. With room for your big, beautiful photos and displaying elegant, classical type, Edda is built for dedicated writers and bloggers like you to showcase your work.

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As designers, developers or even graphic designers we are constantly looking at for those new resources, tools and application that can help us increase our productivity while working on client or personal work.

Down below I’ve included everything from some great JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, Apps for your Desktop, Web & Mobile devices to some awesome items in HTML5, CSS etc  and including some frameworks. And as always, I’ve also got some WordPress themes and plugins including some fonts, UI kits, icons etc

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins



Intercooler is a natural extension of HTML: simple attributes with a familiar syntax are all that is required to add AJAX requests to your application. Intercooler does use javascript to communicate with a server, but the events triggering the requests are described with HTML attributes (or are simply implied) rather than with imperative javascript.

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For all of those who run a WordPress powered website which allows any one to logins such as a forum, BuddyPress site, membership site etc, then you will might wanting to choose to customise the WordPress login system in a way or maybe even hide the fact that your are running on WordPress.

The default WordPress login is fine and functional for single person use but you may wish to customise if you want to go that extra step for clients to further their branding or you may even wish to provide extra functionality such as authentication to stop those spammers & hackers or you may just want to allow people to login their social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon or Google to login.

Whatever your need to customise the WordPress login system, there are a huge number of plugins available to you to use. For this weeks WordPress Wednesday roundup you will see that we’ve collected many different free & premium plugins that will help you achieve what you need.

1. Sideways8 Custom Login and Registration – Free


The way your site is presented to your users is important. That is why we made the “Custom Login and Registration” plugin. It is designed so that both you and your users never see the built-in WP login, registration, and password reset forms. It is still compatible with all of WordPress’ built-in functionality and logout links will still function as they should.

A login form widget is included to make it easy for your non-logged in visitors to find the login form. You are even able to add content to the login, registration, forgot password and password reset pages through the settings page.

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