This freebie is a collection of colorful icons designed with latest flat-design concept. Icons are very useful in mobile app designs, website template designs and many more. The package includes icons for notepad, shopping, messaging, calendar and many other useful applications.

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In 2011 developers named Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton who then worked at Twitter announced to the world a new responsive framework called Twitter Bootstrap or as it widely know now as Bootstrap.

And since then Bootstrap has become of the best responsive frameworks out on the web today as the frameworks comes with a wide range of different tools that help with our designing and developing of websites as we can achieve astounding results with a custom framework seamlessly as it’s flaunts a massive collection of prestyled components that just oozes out the efficiency of any project.

We all know that Bootstrap comprises of CSS based design template used for navigation, typography, forms, buttons, and other interface components, as well as a option of some jQuery extensions.

We also see there are a various of User Interfaces for Bootstrap which allows for more customisation, but if you want to specifically use a module to become more handy as you want to use it more but wanting to remove some of the useless elements to make things more cleaner by easily using a Bootstrap UI Editor.

Featuring today is a roundup of 10 of the Best Bootstrap UI Editors that can do these jobs.

1. Jetstrap


First on the roundup list is Jetstrap, This is a paid web based JavaScript library that is primary used to develop rapid prototypes and various apps. Jetstrap flaunts a simple that has a exhilarating interface that uses the drag and drop functionality. Jetstrap offers a workspace that enables you to simply drag and drop any components in so you can customise it with ease.

While Jetstrap provides you a live preview with the code beautifully formatted, it also has multiple device emulators within the workspace that exports your code to create your new Jetstrap built website.

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For this Thursday freebie is this, a pattern for screen print & wool. You can use this pattern in your print and web designs to give apparel textures and feel. The package includes an AI file with editable layers.
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It’s time once again for WordPress Wednesday and this time we will be having a look through the official WordPress plugin directory to see what were some of the newest plugins that been newly released to the WordPress community. Below you will find 6 latest plugins that hopefully can help you to put something new and awesome into one your WordPress powered website.

Some of the plugins that you can find featuring in today’s post can help you with improving the WordPress Dashboard Editor with some new fonts, a plugin that alerts visitor that their browser is out of date, a plugin to build your resume, a plugin that will set an image as the featured image at the same time your insert your post content, a plugin that shows the popular social icons and another builder plugin but this time you can build a contact form with ease.

1. WP Editor Tweaks for WordPress


For the first latest plugin for this roundup is WP Editor Tweaks, this plugin is a super-simple WordPress plugin that improves both tabs of the WordPress editor with better fonts from Google Fonts (Source Sans Pro in the Visual editor and Source Code Pro in the Text editor) and improved typography. Once you start using WP Editor Tweaks, you may even enjoy drafting your posts in WordPress!

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For this Tuesday freebie is a unique one as it is a multicolor font designed to create attractive and modern illustrations, print templates, flyers, brochures and other creative projects. The package includes an AI and EPS file formats. You can easily use this font by importing in Illustrator.

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Using email to send large files to your clients is not the best way as most email clients can only except 10mb of data that means it can cause huge problems at either ends.

But thanks to the age of the web that we live in we can connect with people all across the globe and by doing that we can also send many important files & folders, but sending these large files like i said via emails is not the best options.

So for today’s post you see that you will find 10 great tools for sending large files to clients and you will not need to get frustrated with any FTP connections as these tools will provide you a smooth and convenient way for transferring any large volumes of files with ease plus many of these tools are completely free to use but some you will need to fork over some cash.

1. Copy


Copy is one of the easiest way to store, protect and share amazing things. It keeps your computers in sync and your files available from anywhere, even on your mobile devices. With Copy, you can also easily share files with anyone publicly or privately. As with any file you save with Copy on your computer, smartphone, or tablet is automatically accessible from any device you use no matter if you use Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux platform. Copy comes with 15gb for free when you sign up with them or you can either they will give you 15GB free

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Say hello to the thusday freebie named Perth, Perth is a Flat PSD Theme and can be used as a personal, business or portfolio website. The theme is designed keeping modern Flat Design trend in mind. Perth comes with fully editable organized layered files for multi-purpose use and easy customization.

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