WordPress Wednesday – 8 New & Free Randomly Chosen Plugins from the Directory

When any talks about WordPress, staying up to date with the latest WordPress core is a must. This rule can also applies when we are talking about WordPress plugins too, considering the large number of new plugins that are launched on a daily basis on the official WordPress plugin directory.

So for today’s WordPress Wednesday round up you will see that we have 10 newest WordPress plugin (when picking these i set a task of find these 8 that been released during the past 2 weeks or so. from the WordPress.org Plugin Directory, In this post you will see that we have some plugins that do things like

1. Colorbox Panels


Colorbox panels plugin is based on bootstrap framework, so straight out of the box you know it’s responsive and friendly to any mobile devices. Colorbox is integrated with masonry/isotope effect, you can add multiple content box and icon box on multiple pages and post.

There unlimited colour scheme and font style available for content.  This plugin is not a popup box or lightbox plugin but instead this is a content box or icon box plugin, which is display your content in column layout. You can add service page or, team page using colorbox plugin.

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WordPress Wednesday – Best Plugins & Themes from January 2016

Well it’s the first best of WordPress Wednesday for 2016 and  it’s once again time for us to see what were some of the best free and paid for (premium) plugins and themes that you could find.

In the WordPress Plugin section you will see what were some of the hottest & newest plugins that been released through out the 31 days that we’ve spent in January, the type of plugins you will find below are plugins that are useful for for those who wants a job board on their site, to a plugin that checks what domains and SSL certificate are coming up for expiration, to a new security plugin to plugins that give you a full Knowledge base for your customers,members etc to a plugin that fetches different data from other sites that are located on the same hosting account.

and over on the theme section you will also see what were the hottest themes that been released in January… The themes features something for every one such as theme for creative publishers, bloggers, one page theme lovers that comes with multiple theme layouts to themes that give your visitors a experience with bold colours to WooCommerce themes

Plugins – Free & Premium

Jobify – Free Plugin


Jobify is a lightweight & easy to use job board plugin that works with any theme it’s simple to setup and has robust in features. Includes a powerful developer API that integrates with other sites like GitHub Jobs, Indeed, USAJOBS and more.

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WordPress Wednesday – 10 Newest Premium WordPress Themes

For this weeks WordPress Wednesday roundup we will be taking a look at what are some of the latest premium themes that been released for WordPress from the last few weeks.

Inside today’s premium themes roundup we have themes for those people who love to blog,themes for those who are wanting a new look for their Business or Corporation, or those who are wanting to showcase their creative work.

Plus we have themes that suit those people who just love buying new themes no matter what the occasion is and featuring in many theme are options that allows you to have an unlimited amount of colour variations, custom fonts, custom page builders such as the WP Bakery Visual Composer and more.

1. BuiltPress – $59


The first premium theme for this roundup is BuiltPress, this theme is a clean and responsive which is specifically for construction, building, plumbers, heating, painting and tiling as well as any home maintenance based companies.

This WordPress Theme covers all you need for a business website, service, testimonial, client and team members pages. Plus, this theme  includes plenty of customisation options that allows you to change the visual style of any elements without touching to single line of codes such Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and also this theme can be integrated with WooCommerce!

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WordPress Wednesday – 6 Fabulous Google Map Plugins

Google maps has always been a great utility to list your business location on websites easily plus there are so many great plugins and tools that are available which allow you to list your business location with minor knowledge.

With any available Google Map Plugins for WordPress you can simply embed Google Maps on your site, so for this WordPress Wednesday roundup will features 6 fabulous Google Maps plugins that you can easily customise it to suit your needs.

1. Google Map Easy – Free


The Google Map Easy plugin is an excellent way to make a beautiful map on your website and to help your clients in discovering your location on the google map.

The Google map allows you not only to mark the place of your business location, but also to show people its coloured pictures. You can attach photos and videos to the google map marker description and make your potential visitors to feel the atmosphere inside your restaurant, shop or other place of interest.

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WordPress Wednesday – 8 WordPress Comments Plugins

Commenting on certain Websites (aka the ones that has a comment form) section plays vital role for its site own, which one can engage its readers effectively.

The default WordPress commenting system provides useful features & functions in a certain degree, but if you aren’t fully satisfied with its interface or functionalities then there are a range of great plugins for comment.

Today’s WordPress Wednesday round will features 8 WordPress Comments plugins that allow people to either to disable the comments fully, some plugins that give you a alternative of using the default commenting system, helps with SEO etc.

1. wpDicuz


wpDiscuz is a new interactive, AJAX realtime comment system that will supercharge the native WordPress comments. This plugin is super fast and responsive that comes with dozens features. This is the best Disqus alternative, if you want to keep your comments in your database.

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WordPress Wednesday – 6 Free WordPress Themes

For the first WordPress Wednesday round up for 2016 it will be a short & light post edition that will only features 6 free WordPress that you can find through the official WordPress Theme directory, themes that are featured below ranges a light minimalist design to themes that shows big hero images

1. TrendMag


Trendmag theme is the minimalistic theme that got mention in the introduction about this WordPress Wednesday roundup, the theme been designed specially for magazines and e-commerce as this theme has a flexible layout. This theme been based on KOPATHEME layout manager technique which let you choose a flexible layout for every pages within your site. It is very helpful when you are experimenting with visual hierarchy. you can define unlimited sidebar for widget areas, and with powerful custom widgets, the theme provides you more flexibility and ease-of-use for your site.

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WordPress Wednesday – The Best of Plugins & Themes from 2015

Today’s it’s the last WordPress Wednesay of 2015 and it’s the time to take a look back at all of the WordPress Wednesday roundups to see what were some of the best plugins and themes that been produced through 2015..

Inside this roundup you will find what was some of the best WordPress Plugins & Themes that we’ve featured in our weekly WordPress Wednesday features, we have plugins and themes for everyone such as plugins that gives an intuitive drag and drop interface for managing pages, a plugin that provides you with a way you can set multiple columns , a few good plugins that modify the complete WordPress dashboard, some plugins that helps with security, SEO & plugins that helps you to create backups of your complete site.

and for anyone that wanting a pre built theme we have feature some of the best themes that been released in 2015, themes that suits bloggers, design agency or solo artists, online sellers using WooCommerce Plugin, to themes for people who are in the automotive industry or some one who wants a simplistic theme we have some themes you use and some that helps you to have a base and modify to your heart content.

Plugins – Free & Premium

Motion – Free


Motion WordPress Plugin based on Motion UI by ZURB – a Sass library for creating CSS transitions and animations. Provide user friendly solution to beautiful CSS3 animations on WordPress Posts, Pages and Widgets.

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