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Today’s freebie is Aleo a contemporary typeface designed as the slab serif companion to the Lato font by Łukasz Dziedzic. Aleo has semi-rounded details and a sleek structure, giving it a strong personality while still keeping readability high. The family comprises six styles:  three weights (light, regular and bold) with corresponding true italics.

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It’s essential for designers to have a good understanding of typography and selection as the importance of typography in design can’t be neglected. And today’s post you’ll find a great collection of 15 latest high quality free fonts that can help you save money and focus on making great designs.

1. Albatross

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While you can buy the fonts that cover your needs but it also depends on the project that you’re working on, there are plenty of free fonts for professional use and In this roundup you’ll find 12 new high quality free fonts that you can use in your upcoming designs.

1. Typometry

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Fonts is very important in web design, print design and advertising as it is the bond between the message and the way it is delivered, so it is vital to choose a good font in order to create something that really stands up and impress. But finding the perfect font requires a lot of trials and errors to see which one fits perfectly. Today’s post focuses on giving you 10 Perfectly Useful Fonts For Your Designs.. Please make sure you check each individual font license to see where you can use them.

1. Fancy Antique Display – $49

Fancy Antique Display is a uppercase display font inspired by French decorative alphabets from the 1940’s and 1950’s. One license is valid for 3 computers.

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Fonts are highly useful resources that allows the designer to create a theme and adds meaning to a design. The right selection of fonts can make a huge difference and sometimes convert your normal design into attractive piece of art. Today’s post is a round-up of the 18 Best & High Quality Creative Fonts that you can use. In this post I’ve tried to mix it up by including both free and premium fonts.

Please make sure you check the license agreements before using them as the licenses change from time to time.

1. Eyelevation Pro – Free

2. Adamas Regular – Free

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Typography can convert your normal design into very attractive piece of art. Among other things, effective typography manages to achieve three necessary objectives of web designing are look, appearance and outcome which helps you to keep apart from normal wave. Today’s post you’ll find a nice collection 16 latest free and premium fonts to enhance your designs.

1. Zaguatica – Free

Zaguatica has some Helvetica, Gill, Futura, a little Gotham, and Metro.This font is free for personal and commercial use and comes in bold, extra bold, and oblique. Other weights are in the works.

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Fonts are a designer best friend when there many of them are very good for creative graphic typographic works, unique web design titles and so on. There are so many fonts that have been made these first 3 months of this year so enjoy today post of 15 New Free Fonts For Creative Projects.

Note – before downloading are using these fonts for commercial projects, check out creator copyrights because all of these fonts are free for personal use but some can’t be use for commercial projects.

1. Sullivan

Not your traditional modular typeface. Sullivan is a bold display face that comes in three variations. Each can be used effectively on their own or layered for a uniquely modern, industrial effect.  Originally inspired by the letter “S” design by Scott Allen Hill of Foundry Collective.

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Designers do their best on making their sites better and more attractive to the visitors. With creating any site you must take into account that every detail even the smallest and choosing a font you are going to use sometimes can bring you to a deadlock.

Today post you’ll find 18 fonts that you probably haven’t seen before. These fonts are made for specific purposes and others can be used for general use. Note: Like many other things, these fonts individually has a license attached to it, so remember to read them before using them in your project whether it personal or for commercial.

1. Blanch

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35 Best Free Fonts From 2011

December 18, 2011 — 1 Comment

There were tons of great free fonts released this year and with this year coming to the end today post will feature 35 Best Free Fonts From this year.

1. Vhia

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Even though I feature a lot of free fonts on The Creative Project today is a bit different most of the following fonts aren’t free but they are affordable for anyone to use as there are very well made and you can see the perfection of details that have been made to each font. But if you wishing that some of the 18 fonts would be free you won’t be disappointed as  I’ve haven’t forgotten about that by featuring some great free fonts in this post.

1. Mishka – $45.00

Mishka is a classy upright script, closely related to Emil Bertell’s recent Barber and Pepita Script releases. Mishka has clear letterforms yet plenty of options for more decorative custom headlines. Turn on Swash, Stylistic Alternates or Contextual Alternates in any Opentype savvy program, or pick any of the extra alternates from the glyph panel. Mishka’s Small Caps help to maintain legibility even in small sizes.

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