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JavaScript libraries are a library of pre-written JavaScript which allows for easier development for JavaScript based applications, it’s especially great for AJAX or other web-centric technologies. Today’s post you will see what are some of the most relevant JavaScript libraries & jQuery plugin that you can find which could be the right solution for your current development task as these can help fix any issues you may be encountering.

1. Epoch


Epoch is a general purpose charting library for application developers and visualization designers. It focuses on two different aspects of visualization programming: basic charts for creating historical reports, and real-time charts for displaying frequently updating timeseries data.

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Node is one of the most popular platform built that is build on Chrome’s JavaScript run-time, as it is for easily building fast, scalable network application, as it uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model which makes it a lightweight, efficient which is perfect for data-intensive real time applications that can run across distributed devices.

Internally Node.js uses the Google V8 JavaScript engine to execute code and in a large percentage of the basic modules are written in JavaScript. Node.js contains a built-in asynchronous I/O library for file,sock and HTTP communication, With the HTTP and socket support is allows to Node.js to act as a web server without any additional server software such as Apache

Today’s article contains a list of 12 fabulous frameworks which will help you to develop your web applications.

1. SocketStream


SocketStream is a new breed of web framework, that uses websockets to push data to the browser in ‘realtime’.  SocketStream makes it easy to create blazing-fast, rich interfaces which behave more like desktop apps than traditional web apps of the past.

As SocketStream takes care of the basics, it will then help you to free your time so you can just start focusing on building your social/chat app, multiplayer game, trading platform, sales dashboard, or any kind of web app that needs to display realtime streaming data. All personal tastes (e.g. Vanilla JS vs CoffeeScript, Stylus vs Less) are catered for with optional npm modules that integrate perfectly in seconds, without bloating the core.

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One of the most popular topic of discussion for a while is responsive websites and this discussion has presented designers and developers some challenges, as they are now to required to create websites for by which to provide the best optimal viewing experience by having easy to read text objects, navigation that uses simplicity resizing, panning and scrolling across a whole wide of screen sizes.

You would normally use media queries to resize the overall layout, but how about those individual elements & features that you are wanting to use to make your page unique…

To add these features you can use some jQuery plugins to achieve the desired effect or feature but sometimes finding these jQuery plugins can sometime be a time-consuming task, so for today’s post you’ll find 12 super useful jQuery plugins that help you create responsive websites.

1. VenoBox


VenoBox is a responsive jQuery lightbox plugin that is suitable for images, , iFrames, Google Maps, videos from Vimeo and YouTube,  Ajax requests, Vimeo and YouTube videos, inline contents. But the difference between VenoBox and many of the others modal window plugins is that VenoBox calculates the max width of the image displayed and preserves its height if is taller than the window so in small devices you can scroll down the content, avoiding vertical microscopic resized images.

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jQuery has become an awesome but simple JavaScript library that could be considered as being the backbone of web development as almost every developer and designer are familiar with it’s functionality and features.

And with these jQuery Plugins can enable developers and designers to create a set enriched web applications by making them multifunctional and also visually appealing.But finding these plugin in the wonderful jQuery community can be sometimes time-consuming, this is why you will find below a small collection of 20 great & amazing jQuery plugin that suits  any type of website that you are currently building or rebuilding, most of the plugins that features in today’s post are easy and only takes a few minutes to carry out and configure.

1. Croppic


Croppic is an image cropping jquery plugin that will satisfy your needs and much more. Simply upload an image, and then you are able to crop the image as you like with the zooming in and out functionality.

The plugin works in IE 10+, chrome, and firefox and it uses FormData so for anyone that wanting IE9 and below and wanting to use this plugin, it won’t work.

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GitHub is one of the largest and best open-source community that been hosting millions of public repositories for years as users can easily host their new and innovative projects every day and one of the most popular JavaScript Libraries is jQuery as many developer and even designers are familiar with their functionality and features. So in today’s post is a roundup of the 15 new & just plain awesome jquery plugins that you can find directly on Github and you are certainly welcome to fork these plugins and creative another awesome way of improving these plugins.

1. JCanvas


jCanvas brings the jQuery’s powerful syntax and capability to the HTML5 canvas by allowing you to quickly create canvas-based apps that can utilise layers, animations, events, and much more and jCanvas will works on all modern browsers and platforms, including iOS and Android.

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jQuery plugins are constantly being released, and it’s no surprise since they are so popular and this is for good reason as there are a piece of the spine in web development as it is a fast and concise library that simplifies animation, ajax interaction, event handling  for faster web development but the only problem is looking through the whole lot of these jQuery plugins and finding out which are the best ones, that’s why in today’s post you will find 18 of the new and freshest jQuery plugins and especially all of these plugins you can find directly on GitHub so you can fork it to make them even better.

1. Snap.svg


Snap.svg is a brand new JavaScript library for working with SVG. Snap provides web developers with a clean, streamlined, intuitive, and powerful API for animating and manipulating both existing SVG content, and SVG content generated with Snap.

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jQuery plugins are constantly being released, and it is no surprise since there is a large community of jQuery developers making these awesome items, and its for good reason as these plugins help us to reduce our work load, giving you outstanding results and with their awesome functionality but the only problem is find them but don’t worry as I been on the search in find the best ones. So today’s collections features 20 new plugins that you really need to check out.

1. Scroll Table Body


Scroll Table Body is a cross-browser lightweight jQuery plugin that allows an html table body to scroll while the header and footer stay fixed. It works with cells that span in multiple columns (colspan), horizontal scrolling and with fixed width or fluid tables. The browser support for this plugin any version of IE8 and up, and with the most recent versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

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