As a Web Designer or Web Developer, anything that can save you just a little bit of time is well worth its weight in gold.

If you agree with the above statement, you will certainly love this  post. As i have for you a large selection of the best, the most useful and the most innovative tools and resources that been around the net and this very site throughout the year of 2012.

That includes CSS frameworks & tools, Great Apps for desktop, web and mobile, awesome HTML5 resources, JavaScript frameworks & tools, wordpress themes, wordpress plugins, a responsive  tools and resources etc….

JavaScript & jQuery



X-editable is a in-place editing with Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI or pure jQuery. This library allows you to create editable elements on your page. It can be used with any engine (bootstrap, jquery-ui, jquery only) and includes both popup and inline modes. It’s new life of bootstrap-editable plugin that was strongly refactored and improved.



Alertify is a fully customizable alert, confirm and prompt dialogs JavaScript notification system.



Cache and load static files from local storage. This makes it easier to manage Javascript and other files for offline use, or just to improve the startup time of your web app.

JS Library Boilerplate


The JavaScript Library Boilerplate helps you roll your own Javascript library with a tiny and robust core base. You can create your own library such as jQuery, Zepto, Prototype, etc, very easy and adding your own methods. The code is written in CoffeeScript, TypeScript and pure JavaScript.


uiji is jQuery in reverse. Instead of using CSS selectors to find elements, you use the same syntax to create elements.


Adaptor is a light-weight content slider that aims to provide a simple interface for developers to create cool 2D or 3D slide animation transitions. Added with 3D support for webkit and Firefox, all other browsers will fallback gracefully to a simple fade transition when using the 3D effects.


A jQuery plugin that helps you serve different content to different devices.  Responsive Content is used to load content that is appropriate to the current device’s screen size.

It is typically used alongside Responsive Design techniques. Note however that Responsive Design and Responsive Content act on different levels: given a particular screen width, the former applies a particular styling to the same content – whereas the latter actually loads different content.

It can be used subtly – for example to cause smaller images to be loaded on smaller devices – or to deliver radically different content to different screen widths or device capabilities.


jQuery.zyngaScroller.js is a jQuery plugin that wraps the excellent Zynga Scroller as a simple jQuery plugin with a couple new additions: (1) Real-time collaboration is now possible by leveraging the SignalR hook baked into the jQuery.signalRamp.js plugin, and (2) the version of EasyScroller.js that this project uses is different than the original Zynga Scroller with collaboration hooks and support for IE8 and above.

Lean Slider

The Lean Slider is a simple jQuery image slider built on the principles of Progressive Enhancement. Unlike other sliders it does not provide any styling or fancy transition effects. It simply provides a javascript framework (slideshow functionality, navigation controls, callback functions etc.) for you to build a slider on top of.


jResize is a responsive web development tool, built in jQuery to assist the workflow of developers on responsive projects. There are various tools for responsive development, iframes at different widths embedded in the page, and the tedious resizing of the browser. So here’s a different approach which grabs all your HTML, and resizes it inside the browser when you click the width you want. It’s dead simple.


TypeScript starts from the syntax and semantics that millions of JavaScript developers know today.

With TypeScript, you can use existing JavaScript code, incorporate popular JavaScript libraries, and be called from other JavaScript code.

TypeScript compiles to clean, simple JavaScript code which runs on any browser, in Node.js, or in any other ES3-compatible environment.


Tooltipster is a lightweight jQuery plugin that enables you to easily create clean, HTML5 validated tooltips.

Modest Maps

Modest Maps is a small, extensible, and free library for designers and developers who want to use interactive maps in their own projects. It provides a core set of features in a tight, clean package with plenty of hooks for additional functionality.


Holder renders image placeholders entirely on the client side.  It works both online and offline, and offers a chainable API to style and create placeholders with ease.


Bonsai is a JavaScript graphics library. Bonsai’s main features includes: Architecturally separated runner and renderer, iFrame, Worker and Node running contexts, Paths,  Assets (Videos, Images, Fonts, SubMovies), Keyframe and time based animations (easing functions too); Path morphing and other great features.


Jarallax is an open-source javascript library which makes adjusting css based on interaction easy. With Jarallax it’s easy to create a parallax scrolling website.


floatShare is a jQuery plugin that allows your website visitors to share your web content on popular social media platforms with a single-click. It will scroll with your content and can be customized with different start and end points


Enquire.js is a lightweight, pure JavaScript library for programmatically responding to CSS media queries. It is less than 1kb and has absolutely no dependencies.


Yeti is a command-line tool for launching JavaScript unit tests in a browser and reporting the results without leaving your terminal. It has been designed to work with tests built on YUI Test just as they are.


jQuery Impromptu is an extension to help provide a more pleasant way to spontaneously prompt a user for input. More or less this is a great replacement for an alert, prompt, and confirm. Not only does it replace these but it also allows for creating forms within these controls. This is not intended to be a modal replacement, just a quick tool to prompt user input in a fashionable way.


Sweet.js brings hygienic macros from languages like Scheme and Rust to JavaScript. Macros allow you to sweeten the syntax of JavaScript and craft the language you’ve always wanted


BigScreen makes it easy to use full screen on your site or in your app. It smooths out browser inconsistencies and bugs, especially if the element you’re working with is inside of an <iframe>. It will also intelligently fall back to the older video full screen API if the element contains a <video> and the older API is available.


Infinity.js is a UITableView for the web: it speeds up scrolling through long lists and keeps your infinite feeds smooth and stable for your users.


Freetile is a plugin for jQuery that enables the organization of webpage content in an efficient, dynamic and responsive layout. It can be applied to a container element and it will attempt to arrange its children in a layout that makes optimal use of screen space, by “packing” them in a tight arrangement.


tQuery API aims to reproduce the success of jQuery plugin ecosytem by mimicking its API. Thus people who know jQuery will learn tQuery in no time. Thru three.js, they will be be able to reach webgl technology faster than before. Hopefully they will get exited and develop extensions for three.js.

jQuery ProQuo

jQuery ProQuo is a quick way to encourage your readers to spread your content through twitter. Simply define the regions in your markup that you would like to make “tweetable” and ProQuo will handle the rest.


While most browsers work all right with the new semantic elements of HTML5, they don’t add the ARIA accessibility attributes that the specification demands. This small JavaScript adds those attributes to enhance accessibility of web sites.


The Annotator is an open-source JavaScript library and tool that can be added to any webpage to make it annotatable.  Annotations can have comments, tags, users and more. Morever, the Annotator is designed for easy extensibility so its a cinch to add a new feature or behaviour.


A tiny javascript library for dynamically generating progress pie charts in your favicons.


blackCalculator is a jQuery plugin for create a calculator. It supports CSS customization, easy translation, two options of calculators, cross-browser, allow and disallow keyboard!


Prism is a new lightweight, extensible syntax highlighter, built with modern web standards in mind. It’s a spin-off from Dabblet and is tested there daily by thousands.


JZoopraxiscope is a jQuery plugin for making animations from static images inspired in Eadweard Muybridge’s Zoopraxiscope.


Strapdown.js makes it embarrassingly simple to create elegant Markdown documents. No server-side compilation required.


JustGage is a handy JavaScript plugin for generating and animating nice & clean gauges. It is based on Raphaël library for vector drawing, so it’s completely resolution independent and self-adjusting.


Mousetrap is a simple library for handling keyboard shortcuts in Javascript. It is around 1.6kb minified and gzipped and 3kb minified, has no external dependencies, and has been tested in the following browsers: Internet Explorer 6+, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. It has support for keypress, keydown, and keyup events on specific keys, keyboard combinations, or key sequences.


This plugin makes it easy to add fit-to-fill background video to websites. It can play silent ambient background video (or series of videos). Or use it as a player to show video playlist. BigVideo.js can also show big background images, which is nice to have for showing big background images for devices that don’t have autoplay for ambient video.


For front-end developers who crave maintainable assets, Jam is a package manager for JavaScript. Unlike other repositories, Jam puts the browser first.


Repo.js is a jQuery plugin that lets you easily embed a Github repo onto your site. This is great for other plugin or library authors that want to showcase the contents of a repo on their project pages.

Repo.js uses Markus Ekwall‘s jQuery Vangogh plugin for styling of file contents. Vangogh, subsequently, utilizes highlight.js, written by Ivan Sagalaev for syntax highlighting.


Rivets.js is a declarative data binding facility that plays well with existing frameworks such as Backbone.js, Spine.js and Stapes.js. It aims to be lightweight (1.4KB minified and gzipped), extensible, and configurable to work with any event-driven model.



Calendario is an experimental jQuery plugin for trying out some grid layouts that can be applied to calendars. The aim is to provide a suitable layout for both, small and big screens and keeping the calendar structure fluid when possible.



jHERE is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows you to easily add interactive maps to your website. You get a powerful map API, highly customizable markers, event handling and info bubbles and comes with KML support and data visualization via heatmaps.



SocialCount is a lightweight and easy to use jQuery plugin for progressively enhanced, lazy loaded, mobile friendly social networking widgets. It currently supports Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.



Responsive Img is a jQuery plugin that swaps an image’s src attribute based on its container’s width when the DOM is ready and when the browser is resized.

Using a PHP file, Responsive Img creates new images on the fly the first time they’re needed and puts them on your server. Therefore, you can add Responsive Img to any site, without creating new images.



jGravity adds gravity to either all or specified elements within a page. Using the plugin is as easy as $(‘body’).jGravity(); which will use default settings to apply the gravity effect, which I think you will find quite similar to how Google presented ‘Google Gravity’ in an earlier Google easter egg.



Long Press is a jQuery plugin to ease the writing of accented or rare characters.

Desktop, Mobile & Web Applications



Spectrum is an Mac  10.7+ app for easily and intuitively creating beautiful color schemes.

Icon Bench


Iconbench is web app where you easy can style icons and choose which ones you want to download. At the moment iconbench has more than 5 different iconsets with more than 700 different icons for you to choose by each iconset belong to the respective owner.



Manymo is a drop-in replacement for local emulators. Work with your tools on your system, just like you’d do with local emulators.

Manymo phone emulators match OS version and screen sizes of 99% of all devices. Tablet emulators match everything current except the Kindle Fire, which is coming soon.

Mail Pilot


Mail Pilot keeps track of everything for you, so messages never slip through the cracks. With Mail Pilot you control the status of your messages, all messages that arrive are marked as incomplete and reading a message doesn’t change anything about it.  Once you complete any further action associated with a message, mark it as complete.



Makeappicon helps you to make and resize icons for iOS or Android apps. It resizes and optimizes your app icon designs automatically, and generates icons of all sizes you need before you submit an app to app stores.

Hey Offline


Heyoffline.js, as used by jsFiddle & Positionly, is a useful tool that warns your users when their network goes down, making sure they don’t lose anything.

durime is super-simple image-to-DataURI converter. Alll you have to do is drag an image to the drop area and then you press the “Generate Base-64 Code”. After that, all you need to do is click the option you prefer and then simply paste the automatically copied code

Self Starter


Selfstarter is an open source starting point for building your own ad-hoc crowdfunding site. It has been built to be really simple to use and setup allowing you plenty of space to beef it up with your own authentication, administration and product management code. It has initially been setup to collect reservations using Amazon Payments, but you can choose you own provider.

Scripted Editor

Scripted is a fast and lightweight code editor with an initial focus on JavaScript editing. Scripted is a browser based editor and the editor itself is served from a locally running Node.js server instance.

Grid Displayer

Grid Displayer is a boomarklet that displays the grid of both Twitter Bootstrap (fixed and fluid grid) and Foundation (2.0 and 3.0). It works with Firefox and WebKit browsers.


Solidify by Zurb lets you create clickable prototypes from sketches, wireframe, or mockup. Validate user flows on any device by performing user tests in person, remotely, or on your testers own time to get the feedback you need.

Simply Testable

Simply Testable is a free web-based tool that will save you pleanty of time and will take the pain out of routine front-end web testing. It will validate your HTML and give you a detailed overview report of your entire site’s successes and failures.

Folding Text

Plain text productivity for geeks. As you type, FoldingText auto-formats your document into sections, lists, and paragraphs. Fold sections to see the big picture. Focus to see the details.


ThetaBoard is a collaborative project management tool with simplicity at it’s core.  In its most basic configuration, you track items by moving them, from left to right, across the board. When you have completed a set of tasks, you can archive them, clearing the board for a new set of items. At this time of this post ThetaBoard is currently in the beta mode.


GroupDocs is a next generation Document Management solution that makes it easier for businesses to collaborate, share and work with documents online. So, organise, view, sign, annotate, compare, assemble and share all your documents online by signing up today.

Haikiu Deck

Haiku Deck is the simple new way to create stunning presentations – whether you are pitching an idea, teaching a lesson, telling a story, or igniting a movement, it’s fast, fun and simple for anyone to use


Tampon is built as a Backbone.js application that communicates with a MongoDB datastore through a REST API written in PHP.  The server part is intended to be the dumbest possible, i.e. we tried to put most “intelligence” in the Backbone app, not in the API.


Codiad is a web-based IDE framework with a small footprint and minimal requirements. The system is still early in development, and while it has been proven extremely stable please be sure to backup regularly if you use it in any production work.

Adobe Edge Web Fonts

Edge Web Fonts gives you access to a vast web font library made possible by contributions from Adobe, Google, and designers around the world. The fonts are served by Typekit, so you can be sure of high performance and stability. Plus, it’s free!

Lazy Meter

The problem with to-do lists is that they’re overwhelming.  No matter how much you do, there’s more to be done.  As a result, people feel lazy.  The idea of LazyMeter is not to show you how lazy you are; it’s to show you how productive you are.  LazyMeter shows you how much you’ve done, so you can feel good at the end of the day.

Font Prep (Mac App)

FontPrep converts all of your TTF & OTF files to web-ready formats: WOFF, EOT, and SVG, it fires up a server listening on port 7500 so you can easily view and test your fonts, and much, much more!

Monitor Backlinks is an easy backlink checker tool that notifies you via email or in your changelog if someone removes your links or makes them nofollow. Also, it has more features, such as PR checker, automated broken link notification and link expiration, labels. Pricing starts at a free account that can monitor up to 10 links up to a pro account that can monitor up to 25,000 links that cost $69.00


Every second your website is down is money and reputation lost – and you are powerless to do anything until you know about the issue!  StatusCake enables you to quickly add your websites and then get notified about downtime – the moment it happens. And unlike some of StatusCake competitors StatusCake don’t limit the amount of sites you can add!


SoundGecko will convert any article into an MP3 file you can listen to on the go. It’s available as a Chrome extension, or you can just email the article URL to get the conversion. There are also apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Task Up

Taskup is a task list app that’s simple and flexible, helping you get organized without getting in your way. You can find a free plan that handles 200 task and paid plans that starts at $2.99 a month.


Mailrox makes it easy to build bulletproof HTML emails for CampaignMonitor or MailChimp. Templates that are built using Mailrox have been tested with Apple Mail, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and many more.


Quabel is a writing app that lives in your browser. Set writing goals and focus on your writings.


Balloons.IO is a web multi-room chat server and client ready to use. It’s build with the help of node.JS, Express, Socket.IO and Redis.


Nitro is the best way to get things done. It’s simple, fast and powerful at the same time. Nitro also syncs with Dropbox or Ubuntu One. Due to the power of Nitro, you’ll never get a “conflicted copy”.

Nitro is totally free and open source under the BSD License.

Spin to App

Spinto helps content writers speak the same language as your development team. Developers and designers can preview websites on their laptops with all the latest content. Writers can update content on the live site right on the page. It’s the best of both worlds, and without a traditional CMS.


Everyme is a new social network that’s specifically for sharing updates with your close friends and family, rather than hundreds of acquaintances on sites like Facebook. And it lets you distribute those updates via Email, SMS, or Push, even if your contacts don’t sign up with the app.

Goal Stacker

Goal Stacker makes it easy to focus on things you can get done in the time you have available. Just tell it how much time you have, and it will schedule your time for you, based on tasks you need to complete. It will even email you a list of tasks to complete each day!


Comcure offers forever free backups for your website. Just set up the automatic backups, and then forget about it. Comcure will run backups according to schedule, and will email you if there’s ever an issue. It even backs up your MySQL databases, and your backups will be stored at two of their five worldwide datacenters!


gzipWTF beta is the easiest f***ing way to check for gzip and more. The purpose of this site is to aide web designers & developers in speeding up sites by pinpointing which resources are not being gzipped by the server, which resources are slow and which resources are causing 404s. Our mission is to increase awareness of site speed as an important part of the web’s future.


TinyPNG uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your PNG files. By selectively decreasing the number of colours in the image, fewer bytes are required to store the data. The effect is nearly invisible but it makes a very large difference in file size!

My Price

Are you a web or graphic designer? Calculate how much you can charge for your creative services taking under account factors like the project, client, location, as well as your education and experience.


Plunk lets you easily put together fun tests for touch screen targets on mobile devices. See where users are tapping on your mobile pages, then measure the success of your design or see if it’s littered with bad apples.


SourceDrop is a PasteBin client which allows you to easily share your snippets by drag and drop. Just drop your snippet on the SourceDrop icon and it will be uploaded to the configured PasteBin provider, supporting all common PasteBin providers like TinyPaste, and GIST.

Postmark Apps

Postmark removes the headaches of delivering and parsing transactional email for webapps with minimal setup time and zero maintenance. Pricing starts out at $1.50 per thousand emails

Layer Vault

LayerVault is a home for your design work. Unlimited storage, simple version control, team collaboration, and much more. Pricing starts at $19 per month


With Colllor it is much easier to generate a consistent web color palette with just a few clicks. You should use colors consistently, so you have a common look and feel throughout your design.

All the alternative proposals produced by Colllor derive from the same color and they all have a common denominator sharing hue, lightness or saturation values.

This tool will let you find the exact value of darker shades of any color, not just something that ‘looks darker’. That will be a huge step towards professionally looking design.

Erlywarn – Site Monitoring

Erlywarn is an early warning system for your website. Add your url and Erlywarn will regulary check in to your site to ensure everything is running smoothly.  If Erlywarn detects something that looks wrong – like the connection to your site or your site is running more slowly than usual; Erlywarn will notify you to let you straight away. With Erlywarn you can act fast, hopefully even before your customers notice.


DoneDone is the simple, effective issue tracker.  If your team is using spreadsheets, sticky notes, and email to keep track of bugs, ideas, and requests, then start using DoneDone. Your clients will understand it and your programming team will thank you for it. Plans start at $15 per a month

Fruji is a pretty simple product. We analyze your followers, going through all the details we can gather and compile all the data into a couple of simple reports. Find out if any VIP (verified) accounts are following you, who your most popular followers are and much, much more.

Fruji do not tamper with your account in any way and only require read privileges (which you can always remove at any time through your Twitter account). A lot of services might ask for write permission or more, we recommend to avoid using these products.

CSS, Frameworks, Responsive & HTML5 Goodies

Simple Grid

Simple Grid was created for developers who need a barebones grid. Simple Grid works well with 1140px layouts but easily adapts to any size of layout. With fluid columns, Simple Grid is responsive down to mobile.

The twelve column structure of Simple Grid easily divides into columns of two, three, four or six, giving developers numerous layout possibilities.

Viewport Resizer

Viewport resizer is a browser-based tool to test any website’s responsiveness. Just save the bookmarklet, go to the page you want to test, click on your created bookmarklet and check all kinds of screen resolutions of the page.  The smartest way to share your defined environment of devices and breakpoints directly with your team and client.

One% CSS Grid

One% CSS Grid is a 12 column fluid CSS grid system. It’s been designed as a base for building responsive web layouts easily, quickly and with minimum effort. You don’t have to take care of resizing and rearanging your layout for each platform separatelly. One% CSS Grid will do all this for you.

One% CSS Grid is a percentage based grid system, it means that it will perfectly adapt to all screen resolutions (mobile, tablets and big screens).

One% CSS Grid has 2 starting options, one which fits 1280px screens (in full screen view) and another one which fits 1024px screens (in full screen view).


Brunch is an assembler for HTML5 applications. It‘s agnostic to frameworks, libraries, programming, stylesheet & templating languages and backend technology.  To simplify app development, brunch watches your files for changes and automatically wraps your scripts and templates in common.js modules.


Yeoman is a robust and opinionated set of tools, libraries, and a workflow that can help developers quickly build beautiful, compelling web apps.

Kube Framework

The Kube Framework is not an overblown responsive CSS framework with multiple layouts and styles, all you have with Kube is a single CSS file. That is were its beauty lies – in its simplicity. The framework also supplies LESS files for the gurus out there who enjoy preprocessing.

Responsive Measure

Responsive Measure is a simple script that allows you to pass in a selector (ideally the container where your primary content will go) which generates the ideal font size needed to produce the ideal measure for your text.


Base is a super simple, responsive framework built to work on mobile devices, tablets, netbooks and desktop computers.

CSS Horus

CSSHórus is a CSS framework for easy and fast development of responsive and mobile websites. It contains 16 grid columns and basic style formats (Resets, Basics, Typography, Lists, Links, Table, Form, Button) for your web project, also with RTL and LESS CSS.


Bootsnipp is an element gallery for web designers and web developers, anybody who is using  Bootstrap will find this website essential in their craft. At the time of this post Bootsnipp is using Bootstrap v 2.1.1


TideSDK is an open source platform for building desktop apps using web technologies (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript). The apps can be created for all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and server-side languages like PHP, Python and Ruby are supported as well.

This is actually not a new project, it was previously known as Titanium Desktop but it been re-branded recently and is going through a major change/improvements (which it is worth re-sharing).


Easel is an in-browser, high-fidelity web design tool that lets you mockup, share and implement your ideas with ease.

Bourbon Neat

Neat is a simple grid framework built on top of Sass and Bourbon using em units and golden ratios. Using Sass 3.2 block mixins, this framework makes it extremely easy to build responsive layouts.

Terrific Composer

Terrific Composer is a Front-end Development Framework specifically designed for building deluxe front-ends based on the Terrific concept


Sidetap is a lightweight (2k when minifyied and gzipped) and simple framework that allows you to quickly build platform-independent mobile web interfaces. It aims to always deliver the best possible experience for all devices by starting with a basic experience and progressively enhancing it for more capable devices.


Meny is a three dimensional and space efficient menu concept. CSS 3D transforms are used for the transition effect and JavaScript is used to track mouse/touch movement.


Express is a high performance and minimal web development framework for Node.js. The Express philosophy is to provide small, robust tooling for HTTP servers. Making it a great solution for single page applications, web sites, hybrids, or public HTTP APIs.Built on Connect you can use only what you need, and nothing more, applications can be as big or as small as you like, even a single file.

CSS3 Snippets

CSS3 Snippets for Front-end Developers is a collection of open source UI components coded with modern HTML, CSS, and Sass.


Toast is a CSS framework as simple as it can be, but no simpler. A twelve column responsive grid makes layouts a breeze, and with box-sizing you can add padding and borders to the grid, without breaking a single thing.

Sneak Peek It

An idea is like a flash: it comes to mind like a meteor but can quickly vanish. Any good graphic designer catches it on paper before it goes away. As a matter of fact, professional designers often start planning a website concept sketching drafts on sketch sheets of squared paper.

For this purpose Sneakpeekit provides the suitable wireframe tools for quick sketches and pixel-perfect grids for a detailed design. The most common and fresh grid systems for websites are available: choose the one you need, download and print it. It will help workflow and you’ll be able to create a professional project that is coherent from the beginning to the end of creative process.



BootTheme is yet another  Bootstrap Theme generator tool, however this tool offers an instant preview approach, letting you see the effects of your changes in real time. You can also see how your changes will perform directly on multiple devices in a responsive way, which makes it useful in the initial design decision process.

WordPress Themes, Plugins & One WordPress Book

Frank WordPress Theme

Frank is a responsive WordPress theme with its main focus on speed – no Javascript frameworks, no unnecessary images, just a simple, no-frills, screaming fast blog. Frank has several different layouts to choose from for your home page.

Most layouts let you specify the number of posts to show and from what categories. Templates can be stacked by any amount and order to give you the structure you need. Additionally, there are plenty of well-placed widgets that will give you that extra level of customization.

Shortcodes for Twitter Bootstrap

This is a plugin for WordPress that adds shortcodes for easier use of the Bootstrap elements in your content.  Bootstrap by Twitter is a fantastic resource with loads of ready-to-use elements like buttons, tabs and alerts. This plugins provides shortcodes for Bootstrap, so you can use the elements on your website, and in the content.

Seekr WordPress Theme

Seekr is a brand new responsive theme by Themes Kingdom that is designed to show off your articles and showcase your work in style. The theme has a powerful full-width featured homepage slider with must-see-effects. The theme is premium that is in a membership based site which cost $29 a year that will give you all of the current 44 wordpress themes in the themes kingdom collection

Pods Framework


Pods is a WordPress framework for creating, managing, and deploying customized content types and fields. With Pods, you can create entirely new content types: Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies and Advanced Content Types (these are entirely separate from WordPress and function off their own database tables). Not only will the plugin create new content types, it will also extend existing content types with its multitude of features.

Memory Load Consumption and db size Usage – WordPress Plugin

Memory Load Consumption and db size Usage

Indicate Memory and db Usage on WordPress Backend. Show Memory Load and db size on Footer and Max Memory Consumption on Admin Bar or ToolBar.

BoomBar – WordPress Plugin


Boom Bar adds top or bottom notification bars that make it easy to keep your site visitors informed with special messages or important information. Use Boom Bar site-wide or assign to individual posts or pages to promote sales or special offers, display alerts, show your latest tweets or provide a login prompt for registered users of your WordPress site.

Add Signature – WordPress Plugin

Add Email Signature

This plugin adds a configurable signature to every outgoing email that WordPress sends

Symple Shortcodes – WordPress Plugin

symple shortcodes

Tired of using a theme with built-in shortcodes, switching themes and then losing all your awesome styles? No worries, this is why WPExplorer created the Symple Shortcodes plugin! Now you can add buttons, highlights, boxes, toggles, tabs, pricing tables…among other awesomeness and take them with you no matter what theme you decide to use.

 jQuery My Social Share – Premium WordPress Plugin $10

my social share

Add your network portfolio to any wordpress website without any knowledge of code!  Showcase your presence on 10 of the most popular networks instantly!  Without any configuration whatsoever, the My Social Share Plugin will allow users to click through to your various profiles in a stylish and sleek manner.

URL2QR Code Auto Generator – Premium WordPress Plugin $15


URL2QR Code Auto Generator automatically generates an individual QR Code for each webpage and post on a website, thus giving each one its own identity. The QR Code can be generated in any foreground and background color and can be placed anywhere i.e. the header, footer, content area, sidebar via widget or by short code.

Magnes – Premium WordPress Theme $40


Magnes is a modern responsive onepage wordpress theme with an eye for clean and neat content arrangement based on Twitter Bootstrap Responsive HTML5 Framework. Magnes features a parallax background, animated filterable portfolio, various content patterns, integrated google map, fully working ajax based contact form and much more.

Humble – Premium WordPress Theme $35


Humble is built on the GetSkeleton framework, well, a modified version specific to Humble. It’s been built from the ground up to accomodate mobile devices, tablets and big screens! Coupled with some powerful Modernizr scripts Humble is perfect on any device.

HTML5 Blank For WordPress

HTML5 Blank Theme is a WordPress shell for deploying your next project on. It’s not just a clean slate to develop with, it’s a lean foundation that includes various tools, functions and setups to get any WordPress theme developer deployed and coding within minutes. It’s feature list is extensive and impressive, ranging from HTML5 and CSS3 setups, to built-in WordPress functions, mobile/responsive ready, time-saving tools and much more.

SideOffer WordPress Plugin

SideOffer is designed to help increase leads and conversions by allowing you to present your offer in a persistant side tab on every page of your site, giving your users more opportunity to take notice and take action!

Pushover Notifications WordPress Plugin

Pushover Notifications allows your WordPress blog to send push notifications for events happening on your blog straight to your iOS/Android device.

MoodThingy Mood Rating WordPress Widget

MoodThingy is a plugin that any blogger can use to track the emotional feedback of an individual blog post or article. The plugin can be configured to automatically appear below all of your posts, or manually placed anywhere within a post using a handy WordPress tag. A dashboard of MoodThingy stats is also offered so you can see which articles excite, amuse, or bore your readers, sorted by mood or number of votes in the past day, week, or month.

Newspaper WordPress Theme

Subtle textures, beautiful typography and a modern responsive layout – that’s what Newspaper is about. Built to complement your content and images, Newspaper WordPress theme screams quality web design. Included are features such as automatic slideshow, author bio section, ad placement, social links and a theme options page for faster customization.

WP Strap WordPress Bootstrap Theme

WP Strap is an open-source WordPress theme using the Bootstrap framework from Twitter. The aim of this theme is to use as much of the default Bootstrap styling as possible, with only minor CSS additions to provide styling for WordPress features. It is an on-going project and will continue to be expanded as well as updated to support the latest versions of Bootstrap and WordPress.

Zilladribbbler WordPress Plugin

Dribbble is a tremendous community of designers that allows participants to show off works-in-progress, creative processes, and current projects. ZillaDribbbler is a super-simple, super-swish free WordPress plugin for loading your latest Dribbble shots into any post, page or sidebar. Handy.


Wordless is an opinionated WordPress plugin that dramatically speeds up your custom theme creation.


A plugin that lets you quickly and easily create new plugins.  Install, activate, and then go to the Plugins->Create a New Plugin menu to create and activate a new blank plugin, live, on your site.  After the plugin is created, you’ll be taken directly to the Plugin Editor screen, to type or paste in your new plugin’s code.y customizable.

Wysija Newsletters

Send your post notifications or newsletters from WordPress easily, and beautifully. Drag and drop your posts, images, social icons in our visual editor. Pick one of 20 themes. Change fonts and colors on the fly. Send the latest posts when you want or as a single newsletter. Configuration is dummy proof. This baby is fully supported.

EmbedPlus: YouTube for WordPress


Enhance the YouTube videos you embed in your WordPress blog using EmbedPlus. It not only provides the features of YouTube’s standard embed, but also extra playback options, relevant user-generated content, and video reactions from communities like Google+ and Reddit. Use it to automatically enhance the viewer experience and engagement around the YouTube videos you embed, for free.


Soliloquy is a powerful WordPress image slider plugin that makes creating and maintaining responsive, efficient, secure and SEO friendly sliders a breeze.  From user interface to security to responsiveness and beyond, Soliloquy crushes the competition.

Locking Down WordPress

In Locking Down WordPress, seasoned WordPress pros Rachel Baker, Brad Williams, and John Ford take you through everything you need to know to make sure you have WordPress security under control.

Impressionist Premium WordPress Theme $59

Impressionist is a business based premium WordPress theme with a unique, impressive and weird  look. It comes with two types of layouts – magazine and corporate, the framework gives you more power to customize the theme to suit all your needs, it is packed with tons of awesome custom widgets and custom features. This theme is developed with the business intention, but the custom page templates gives you the flexibility to adapt it and use it like a portfolio, magazine or even like a personal blog site.

Smally Free WordPress Theme

Smally is a Premium responsive, mobile-first WordPress theme with a modern two-column layout, and a lot of options and page-templates.

Stoodio Premium WordPress Theme $35

Stoodio is the ultimate solution when it comes to downloadable & lovable content. With it you can share your images, videos or songs with your visitors. Let them like your content or even download stuff from your server. With a downloads/likes live counter this can be the perfect sharing theme for you!

Mobile CSS Pro Premium WordPress Plugin $12

This plugin allows you to define different CSS rules that get loaded into the page’s for specific devices. This can be useful if you need to target specific phones or tablets to make CSS changes or show certain advertisements for certain devices.

Allows you to narrows CSS style rules down to

  • 18 different tablet options
  • 13 different phone options
  • 14 different operating system options
  • 15 different browser options

Also allows you to adjust the viewport scale and if the viewport is scalable.

Titan Lightbox Premium WordPress Plugin $18

Titan is an awesome lightbox gallery script for WordPress which supports a wide assortment of images, html content, maps, and videos. It is built around jQuery & HTML5 and is both easy to implement and customize.

Books, Resources, Great News Items & Other Goodies

Move The Web Forward

Guide to getting involved with standards and browser development

Execute Book

Execute is a book by Drew Wilson & Josh Long about executing on ideas immediately when inspired rather than following the normal rules.

How Do They Make Money

This site shows how popular websites, everything from the most love company of Adobe to Youtube to Github, Facebook to Tumblr and nearly every other popular websites that makes money as it breaks down revenue streams into advertising, subscribers, lead generation/affiliates, selling data, freemium, and royalties.

Mobile Web Best Practices

Mobile Web Best Practices is a site to help people learn about and get things done with the mobile web. It’s a tool to introduce best practices to cross-disciplinary teams so they can create great mobile web experiences. In addition, this site is a place to come together to move the medium forward by discussing challenging issues and advocating for better standards.


The Best of 100+ Web Design & Development Goodies from 2012