Here’s once again is another monthly roundup of the very best free WordPress Plugins that have been released in October 2012. Once again we have a great a varied bunch of plugins such as creating a knowledge base within your wordpress site, adding an pinterest badge on your site, preventing spam and malware, organising your wordpress plugins to load at different stages and more.

Today’s WordPress Wednesday you’ll find the top 18 free plugins from October 2012.

1. User Admin Simplifier

Lets any Administrator simplify the WordPress Admin interface, on a per-user basis, by turning specific menu sections off.

2. Facebook Panel

The Facebook Panel plugin sticks a Facebook icon to the left edge of the window, across every page of the site. When the icon is clicked, a panel comes sliding in featuring the official Facebook Like and Share buttons and Comments widget.

3. Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia Lite is a state of the art WordPress encyclopedia / lexicon / glossary / wiki / dictionary plugin. It enables you to create, manage and present a knowledge base. Completely coalesced with your WordPress and fully compatible with all the cool publishing tools you like.

4. Associated Posts

Associated Posts enables you to associate posts and pages with each other and to display posts on any pages. You can easily select posts in the “Edit Page” Mode and attach them to this page. Associated Posts Lite is the subsequent version of “Post Page Associator”.

5.  My Pinterest Badge

A must have plugin that adds a Pinterest badge on your blog to your pinterest profile and showing your number of followers and recent pins.

6. Fancy Gallery

Fancy Gallery is a state of the art WordPress Gallery Plugin you can use to create, manage and handle image galleries easily in your WordPress backend and present images to your website visitors.  It migrates the Fancy Image Box to your WordPress.

All links pointing to an image will automatically open in the FancyBox. If you use the [ gallery ] shortcode the images will get a navigation bar and the gallery itself will be converted to a valid HTML block.

7. WP Spam Blacklister

The WP Spam Blacklister is a simple spam-prevention plugin that adds the IP address of a marked spam post on WordPress’ comments blacklist.

8. Comment Tweets

Comment Tweets gives you the ability to take the URL of a tweet and add it to the conversation on your blog.

9. Detectify for WP

Detectify is cloud based web application security scanner that analyses and reports the security status of your website. Basically the solution simulates a hacker attack on your site and let you know what security flaws your website have.

After the scan you are presented with an easy to understand report, listing the vulnerabilities on the site and probable consequences of them.

All you need to do is create an account on the Detectify website and install the meta code in this plug in and your are ready to go!

10. Drag & Drop Featured Image

Drag & Drop Featured Image is a plugin made to save you time when setting a featured image. What it does is simple, it replaces the default “Set featured image” metabox with a new one containing a Plupload drop area just like the one found in the media uploader.

11. User Switching

This plugin allows you to quickly swap between user accounts in WordPress at the click of a button. You’ll be instantly logged out and logged in as your desired user. This is handy for test environments where you regularly log out and in between different accounts, or for adminstrators of sites who need to switch between multiple accounts.

12. Liveblog

Your readers want your updates as quickly as possible, and we think we provide the easiest and the most flexible publishing environment to make that happen. Sometimes though, that’s just not enough.

When you’re covering a fast-paced event — the latest Apple unveiling, an F1 Grand Prix, or the Super Bowl — a full blog post for each individual update is a poor experience for your authors and your audience. The VIP Liveblog Add-On was purpose-built to address these issues specifically.

13. Easy Recipe

EasyRecipe makes recipe entry a breeze, with features like cut and paste, auto conversion of your plain text recipe posts, live custom formatting, Google Recipe View formatting and preview button, automatic ratings, conversion from other recipe plugins like ZipList and RecipeSEO, and more.

14. Anti-Malware (Get Off Malicious Scripts)

This Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware plugin searches for Malware and other Virus like threats and vulnerabilities on your server and it helps you remove them.

15. Plugin Organizer

This plugin allows you to do the following: 1. Change the order that your plugins are loaded. 2. Selectively disable plugins by any post type or wordpress managed URL. 3. Adds grouping to the plugin admin age.

16. Kitchen Bug

Kitchenbug for bloggers is the ultimate tool for wordpress food bloggers. Our team of certified cooks, UX experts, computer engineers, registered dietitians and food bloggers strives continuously to identify food bloggers needs and meet them.

17. Pro Quoter

ProQuoter allows you to easily create beautiful pull-quote images for your articles. Pull-quotes have an amazing ability to draw the reader’s attention. They can turn a dull piece of text into an incredible visually stimulating article. If you don’t have any exciting images to spice up your article then they can be even more important. Now it’s easy to create incredibly beautiful pull quotes in your blog entry.

18. WP Notifications

Add notifications to your blog like Facebook Notifications. Get notifications from recent posts, quoted replies, new articles, friend requests, modera, It’s works great with BuddyPress and Multisite too.


WordPress Wednesday – Top 18 Free WordPress Plugins From October 2012