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A set of 6 high-resolution crumpled paper textures. These paper textures are perfect for your creative paper feel on your websites or graphic designs.

The download includes JPG images of the textures in 3648×2736 px. I hope these are large enough to help you in your design works.

Download from Graphics Fuel

A clean, modern web slider in Photoshop format. This slider template will be perfect for your next modern and professional web design project.

Download from Graphics Fuel

21 Best Websites From 2011

December 24, 2011 — 1 Comment

Each month during 2011 the web industry produces hundreds of great sites and I’m proudly like to showcase my personal picks from January to December. all of are outstanding examples of design built to current web standards.

1. Hungarian Wine Society

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Introducing the 2011 christmas characters vector art pack includes cute and funny christmas vectors such as santa vector, christmas gift box vector, christmas vector reindeer, christmas elves, christmas childrens vector and more…

Download from Pixeden

Wanting another set of buttons, specifically crafted for the PayPal niche.

There’s not really any good lookin’ buttons out there for PayPal but don’t fret, there’s three button styles here to choose from with optional hover states.

Download from Purty Pixels

35 Best Free Fonts From 2011

December 18, 2011 — 1 Comment

There were tons of great free fonts released this year and with this year coming to the end today post will feature 35 Best Free Fonts From this year.

1. Vhia

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A nice set of tasty download buttons, these buttons has awesome little cloud icon which comes in three different colours with both hover and active states.

Download from Purty Pixels

Looking for a fast, simple, and neat portfolio site and just to plop this onto your server, insert your logo, and throw up your awesome work for everyone to see. It’s easy to look professional and to give some credibility to yourself. So go for it. Even the contact form has full functionality.

The whole kit and caboodle includes the full PSD and all the code/assets. The design is by yours truly, and the code was created by the wonderful Luke Spoor.

Download from Purty Pixels – Link is inactive

Update 1/10/2013 – Please note: The download link is not active at this time, as the Author of this has either deleted the link or wished to hide this from the general. I apologise for this issue but there is nothing i can do.

Infographics is a way of showing information through graphical representation as they not only show the information in a neat and clean manner but also is very easy to understand. Through inforgraphics, a large amount of information can be presented in a well summarized format. Today’s post is all social media .

1. What’s Really Scary About Social Media?

What do social media professionals think is most frightening? This infographic shows what they told shoutlet in a survey conducted October 2011.

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This is a awesome new free website PSD template. ‘Wordy’ is a ultra modern design suitable for a folio or writers website. This free PSD comes with all photoshop layers and everything you need!

Download from Blazrobar