12 More Creative & Useful jQuery Plugins

One of my past articles named 16 Creative & Useful jQuery Plugins featured some creative and useful plugins that web designers and developers around the world could implement on their websites. Now I’ve found some more plugins that you can use on your site or your client’s site. 1. Contextual…Read More

20 Australian Made Web Designs To Inspire You

This is the first and hopefully it will be a long line of inspiring web designs showcases. In this post, we’re showcasing 20 Australian made web designs to inspire you. 1. The University of Queensland 2. Ask the Butcher 3. Australia Day 4. Aussie BBQ Legends

16 Creative & Useful jQuery Plugins

1. BubbleUP With BubbleUP, images in a list will enlarge with a smooth animation when you move your mouse over it. Then, if you move the mouse out, it will reset to the original size with the same smooth animation. Imagine the Mac Dock effect. 2. Quicksand Reorder and filter…Read More

6 Top Tools for Creating Web Design Wireframes

When starting a new web design, it’s a good idea to begin first with a wireframe. The purpose of a wireframe is to communicate the layout of a page without getting caught up in any of the colour and design elements. With the wireframes these can be a big time…Read More

8 jQuery Cheatsheets, References & Docs

A few months back Jquery was updated to version 1.4 with loads of new features & improvements. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, or how much you may use jQuery and trying to remember all of the jQuery functions is nearly impossible to remember. So below you will not…Read More

6 Free Coding Editors

Great coding software to help in daily development process can be irreplaceable tool. Bad software can lower your work efficient stage so badly but good software however can give you a lot of tips, ways to help code faster, find your typing mistakes without a pain. I crawled around the internet carefully to…Read More