Like the old saying goes, Your first impression counts. As this counts for numerous things, especially if you are the one who are working in a design agency or an someone whom is freelancing.

We see with potential clients their often get their first impression from looking at your website, as it gives an indication of style, expertise and experience but you may wonder why would I use an WordPress theme that been made by someone else? as it could be strange how ever these themes that are featured in today’s WordPress Wednesday article have elements that can be tweaked or complete changed to make the theme unrecognisable. So below are just 10 great premium creative themes that could be a great fit for your own website.

1. AMY – $63


AMY is a really handy and great looking theme, which can be used for any type of creative WP site as well as a creative online store. It has many features, which allow its transformation into many different and unique themes and stores, however its main and outstanding feature is the AMY creative slider, which will make your content pop. It’s a powerful display tool either for your portfolio or for your blog or store items. It has numerous setup options which you may choose with a push of a button.

The theme has a  slider that been built with mouse parallax that adds custom depth of field, providing a quite premium and outstanding feel when you browse. It supports 8 different scroll effects, 3 hover effects, dark / light colours scheme and infinite scroll / pagination. The theme has more then 200 theme options, over 600 google fonts and unlimited colours.

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This flat UI kit contains various widgets and block design elements for web projects. Included is a top bar, header, calendar, pricing table, video player, various form elements and more. In the pack you will find a well organised .psd file consisting entirely of vector shape and text layers.

Download from MediaLoot

As we with a big percentage of developers generate their CSS style sheets using a CSS preprocessor such as Less or SASS because the CSS files are generated and while editing the CSS files directly is most of the time not as helpful.

You may as what exactly are CSS Preprocessors?

These CSS preprocessors processes text file and output exact CSS in exactly what is needed. The text file contains is depended on the individual preprocessor, but with both of the popular Less and SASS are a superset of CSS, they includes everything already in the CSS specification some additional features. The major benefit of which is that if you already know CSS, you can write valid LESS and SASS with learning some additional tricks.

As we see that CSS doesn’t include features which developers are looking for, example it’s doesn’t include variables, constants or general syntax.

As many developers understand the use of variables; are paramount as it allows developers to assign a value to a name, which can then be used throughout the stylesheet plus it’s more maintainable if you in the need to change a single value in one place then going through all of your CSS files for every instance.

Maintaining & developing CSS can takes time and using a CSS preprocessor can simplifies the task of writing readable, maintainable CSS.

If you’ve haven’t started using a preprocessor and wanting to this is the perfect article as we have rounded up a general list of 10 great CSS Preprocessors for you to look through and hopefully choose and learn.

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This pack includes design templates for creating your own custom Facebook timeline covers, profile images for Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube channel art. This is the only package you need to download when you’re designing a custom brand for your social media accounts!

Download from MediaLoot

For this weeks WordPress Wednesday Post we will be having a look through the plugin directory to see what were some WordPress plugins that has just been released in the first 13 days of August. Below in Today’s post you will find 10 new plugins that can help you to put something extra into your site, in this roundup of plugins you find things that can help you with customising the WordPress registeration and lost form, plugin that will instantly find towns, attractions hotels while you are writing posts, a coming soon page to show on your website when you are building a new theme, an awesome slider plus for those flickr people who has Advanced Custom Fields as a plugin install you can have now a flickr field insert in any of your custom fields plus many other great plugins below

1. CFB Login Form Customizer


The CFB WP login form customizer is a highly recommended plugin for those who are looking to customise the WordPress login form register form and lost form, this plugin is a easy to install and easy to use

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This freebie is a business card mockup that has been created with a unique design concept. You can add your own details such as company name, logo, address and others details with just a few clicks. The package comes with PSD files with preserved layers.

Download from Best PSD Freebies

With Web Design becoming an certain part of being any Web developer live which within often requires any developer to be involved throughout the entire design process of a website but in order to minimize the time and the effort it takes to design pages which is used for mockups and alike we need to rely upon a CSS framework and a variety of other great tools to help us create well organised layouts.

It’s doesn’t matter if you suffer from design deficiency, or you are a talented designer you will always will be looking for ways to streamline your process. Why don’t you consider checking out some of  the featured CSS Tools that is featured in today’s roundup.

1. CSS Vocabulary


CSS Vocabulary is a small app to browse through “which is what” in CSS. It has some sample css with a list of css terminology by clicking on anything in one panel highlights the corresponding items in the other.

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