Things in CSS are sometimes bit tedious to write, especially when it’s comes to CSS3 and those vendor prefixes that exist. But with a mixin it’s lets you make groups of CSS declarations that you want to re-use throughout your site and you can even pass in values to make your mixin more flexible than ever. So for example a good use of a mixin are for vendor prefixes.

You will see that there are countless of mixin libraries available so for this post I have complied a list of useful Sass mixin libraries that are available to help developers to avoid the repetitive things that we do through CSS such as animations, transition effects, adapting browsers and many more.

1. Andy.scss


Andy is meant to be an open-source repository of SASS mixins, so if something seems wrong or if you wish to add your own mixins, please feel free to fork it on Github.

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Todays freebie is these 40 social media icons perfect for linking your social media accounts. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, this collection of icons includes a PNG file, a PSD file, AI formats and EPS files.

Download from Best PSD Freebies

Recently there seems to been something in the air as I’ve and many other have seen many awesome new themes to choose from some of the themes seems to have a real “premium” looking design and functionality.

So for this weeks WordPress Wednesday roundup you will see that I’ve have a collection 10 themes that are suited for writers, photograhpers, themes that serves a multiple of ideas, Woocommerce and many great other themes.

1. Store WP


Store WP is a powerful & flexible WordPress theme that offer deep integration with WooCommerce. This theme will make your website adaptable with any type of mobile devices or tablet and it is the perfect theme for your next WooCommerce project. The theme has included a product carousel slider to enhance your shop’s page and can be customized thanks to the advanced options panel.

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For this weeks Tuesday freebie is this Apple Watch mockup has been created completely from scratch using vector shapes and layer styles in Photoshop and is fully customisable. Included is one .psd with two Smart Objects for mocking up your designs on either the 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch devices. Included are multiple variations and bands.

Download from MediaLoot

As designers, developers or even graphic designers we are constantly looking at for those new resources, tools and application that can help us increase our productivity while working on client or personal work.

Down below I’ve included everything from some great JavaScript tools, jQuery plugins, Apps for your Desktop, Web & Mobile devices to some awesome items in HTML5, CSS, other great tools, mobile development and including some frameworks. And as always, I’ve also got some WordPress themes and plugins including some fonts, UI kits, icons etc

JavaScript & jQuery Plugins



Vorlon.js is an open source, extensible, platform-agnostic tool for remotely debugging and testing your JavaScript. it’s powered by node.js and so you can install Vorlon.JS and add a single line of JavaScript to your web app, run your server and start the Vorlon.JS dashboard.

And you can remotely connect up to 50 devices simultaneously, run your code on each or all of them with a single click and debug JavaScript on nearly any platform with a web environment plus the plugins allow you to add new features and resources.

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This free perspective mockup file for Photoshop has 3 screenshots with different dimensions for mobile devices, tablets and desktop/laptop screens. This makes it perfect for showcasing responsive web designs. A nice feature of this mockup style is that it allows you to get much more of your design onto the tablet and mobile screens than if they were displayed on the actual physical devices.

Download from MediaLoot

It’s Wednesday once again and it’s time for to take look through the official WordPress Plugin directory to see what are some of the newest plugins for all of us to try.

In this collection of free plugins you will certainly find plugins that will really suit any project type such as a plugin that will allow you to seamlessly integrate the eZee Online Booking Engine that helps hoteliers increase their online exposure and drive up revenue.

To a full admin side plugin that allows you to customise nearly everything that you find the WordPress Dashboard to a plugin that gives you the ability to better organise the back-end of your WordPress site by allowing you to add pages, posts and media attachments into folders to a plugin that helps you to add your social links with some awesome icons

1. eZee Hotel Booking Engine Plugin – Free


eZee Online Booking Engine is an online booking system that’s provides a high-rate of converting lookers into bookers. This reservation system provides the ample tools that helps hoteliers increase their online exposure and drive up revenue.

This Online Booking Engine integrates seamlessly into the property website which gives the clients the ability to book reservations, packages, and offers straight from the website and now it’s even more accessible as you will find that this system has a WordPress plugin, allowing you to integrate this system into your hotel website which again giving your guests the ability to book directly.

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